NC State Sends Out Too-Cool Recruiting Letter

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 15, 2013

Image via @dexter_wright14
Image via @dexter_wright14

North Carolina State: the coolest recruiters in the schoolyard.

A new, too-hip-to-be-square recruiting campaign is apparently under way at NC State, with high school prospects beginning to receive the first wave of these ridiculous new form letters from NC State director of personnel Drew Hughes.

The note includes lines such as "WHAT UP Big Time?!!" and "I LOVE THE WAY YOU BALL!!" and other classics.

The message appears to be, “We’re different here at North Carolina State. We’re not like all those other schools who are slaves to the system, man. We get you. That’s why we didn’t mass produce a bunch of letters in your dad’s old font. Times New Roman is for computer programmers and snitches.”

Reactions to the note have been...different:

Obviously, the attempt here is to relate to young high school athletes and reach out to them in a sexy, “Vote or Die” kind of way. The “WHAT UP Big Time?!!” introduction line certainly does make an attempt at stroking the ego.

The note appears to be handwritten, although we’ll see if that holds up or more of these crop up in recruits' mailboxes in the future. 

Is it desperate? Awesome? Too much cowbell?

Any way you slice it, you can’t say Hughes didn’t try something different. And at least he held back on doodling skateboards or "YOLO" on it.


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