UFC 158: Nick Diaz and GSP Get Physical at Weigh-In, Dana White Prevents Scuffle

McKinley NobleCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2013

UFC president Dana White separates Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz. (Credit: UFC)
UFC president Dana White separates Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz. (Credit: UFC)

For just a second, it seemed like Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz were actually going to start a shoving match at the UFC 158 weigh ins.

Fortunately, Dana White was there to step-in before things escalated.

Rounding out the end of the open pre-event show, Diaz looked as fit as ever as he weighed in at a trim 169 pounds, with one pound to spare under the maximum 170-pound mark.

St-Pierre stepped up to the scale shortly afterward, landing right on-point at 170 pounds.

Both fighters then squared off for their staredown photo, and that's where the fun (nearly) started.

GSP lifted his arms first as he closed the gap, prompting Diaz to raise his fists in response. Diaz then immediately attempted to step into St-Pierre's space, pulling his opponent's arms down as the Stocktonian mean-mugged the Canadian.

Dana White wasn't having it, though.

With the headliners about to scuffle, the UFC president stepped forward and shoved both fighters apart at the torso, with Diaz still talking trash before raising his arms.

St-Pierre simply put his hands on his hips as Diaz dismissed him, but posed for the crowd as the weigh-ins came to a close.

UFC Tonight also relayed a good shot of the action, right up to the point of contact:

Hi GSP, here's a prefight elbow. Courtesy of the 209. #UFC158 twitter.com/UFCTonight/sta… — UFC Tonight (@UFCTonight) March 15, 2013


Both fighters have displayed quite a bit of animosity towards each other in the lead-up to their fight, which is an especially unusual turn of face for the usually-cool welterweight champion.

Just in the last week alone, GSP and Diaz engaged in a heated argument during the UFC 158 media call, exchanging curses and trash talk as both men argued about who had been the true aggressor during the promotion of the pay-per-view.

Most recently, Diaz also turned plenty of heads during an interview with with SportsNet 590 "The Fan," openly accusing St-Pierre of using "plenty of steroids" with the hidden consent of the UFC and Dana White.

But with the last media obligation behind them, GSP and Diaz are set to battle for the promotion's welterweight championship. Despite Diaz's strong 11-2 record since his previous UFC run in 2006, St-Pierre is still the odds-on favorite to retain his title in dominant fashion and secure his eighth consecutive title defense.


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