Watch Marc Gasol Play Epic Defense by Using His Sneaker Against Derrick Favors

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistMarch 17, 2013

Marc Gasol has made a case for himself as the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year, but if there were a Most Resourceful Player of the Year award, he'd be a nominee for that too.

Early in the fourth quarter of the Utah Jazz's 90-84 win over the Memphis Grizzlies, Derrick Favors stepped on Gasol's heel and his shoe came flying off. That may have prevented some from running up the floor, but not Gasol.

Credit teammate Ed Davis for picking up Gasol's shoe and handing it to him at the other end, thus enabling him to use it as a defensive prop.

Clad with a sneaker in his right hand, Gasol took a swipe at the ball (OK, Favors himself), either in an attempt to force the most unconventional of turnovers or in a physical plea to get the referees to stop the play.

Gasol visibly felt frustrated about having to show his socks to the world. As the announcers pointed out, these players lace up their sneakers exceptionally tight, meaning that Favors must have stepped on Gasol's foot pretty damn hard.

Still, had the refs blown the whistle upon Memphis' center losing his shoe, we wouldn't have gotten to see this epic combination of defense and revenge. 

And we learned a thing or two about Gasol as well. Missing attire won't stop him from playing aggressive defense, and he won't allow the opposition to undress him without seeking retribution.

Gasol did come somewhat close to hitting Favors in the groin. Had he actually clipped Utah's forward in the family jewels, the punishment would have hardly fit the crime.

Given how fierce a reaction this generated from Gasol, if you're Favors, you're happy you only de-shoed him and didn't de-pants him. Just imagine how he would have reacted then.