Report: Rey Mysterio's Future in WWE Remains Up in the Air, Possible Release?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 17, 2013

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The last couple of years have been tough for former World Heavyweight champion Rey Mysterio.

He suffered a series knee injury in August of 2011 that kept him out for almost a year. A few months later, in April of 2012, he was shockingly suspended by WWE for 60 days after failing his second drug test.

Since returning he has continued to be plagued to knee problems, even noting on his Twitter that he feared for a while he had suffered another ACL tear. He's currently off of television dealing with these issues.

Unsurprisingly, reports (F4Wonline via 411Mania) have now emerged that at least one official has recommended to Mysterio that he retire.

So, what is Mysterio's status in the company?

Interestingly, on his (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Radio show last night, Dave Meltzer noted that while "officially" Mysterio is due be back in June, the issue remains up in the air and a release isn't out of the question. 

He noted:

The official company line on Rey Mysterio is that he will be back, hopefully, in June...after rehabbing the knee. But he may not be back at all. And it's not retirement, but there's something going on...there was stuff going on that they were working on perhaps a release, but they want merchandising rights...but officially he'll back in June.

While many Mysterio fans would undoubtedly be disappointed to see him leave, maybe it is the best option for him. 

After all, the star is approaching 40, and years of that exciting high-risk in-ring style have clearly taken its toll on him. Can he continue with the hectic and grueling WWE schedule much longer? Probably not.

For the sake of his long-term health, an early release might be the best idea.

With a TNA stint (probably) out of the question, Mysterio could continue working with WWE in an ambassador role, like Mick Foley or Ric Flair.

Will WWE take this option? Or will the star insist on having one last great run as a wrestler before finally bowing out?