Heisman Winner Matt Leinart Helps Feed and Educate Kids at Camp

Kyle BattleCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2013

Matt Leinart with the first overall draft pick at the Kellogg's Matt Leinart Football Procamp presented by Von's.
Matt Leinart with the first overall draft pick at the Kellogg's Matt Leinart Football Procamp presented by Von's.

Former Trojans quarterback, and Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart spent three hours of his Saturday morning with kids this weekend. Courtesy of Kellogg's and their new #ShareBreakfast campaign, the Kellogg's Matt Leinart ProCamp presented by Von's was an opportunity for southern California athletes to learn about eating, exercising and playing football correctly. 

Each camper received a signed photo frame and photo with Matt Leinart from camp allowing the free agent quarterback the opportunity to teach skills instead of sign autographs the whole time.

He began by orchestrating an enthusiastic cheering match between the younger kids in the Monarch division, the middle campers in the Trojans division and the oldest kids in the Raider division.

Along with teaching the fundamentals of football, the camp had a focus on nutrition as well. Through the Kellogg's Share Breakfast campaign, Kellogg's wants to feed breakfast to a million children and each Facebook like, #ShareBreakfast tweet, view on YouTube or Pin on Pinterest results in a free breakfast for a child who needs it. 

This camp wasn't about breakfast, though. It was another opportunity for children to build memories playing the game of football. Some kids left camp with the memory of catching a pass from a Heisman Trophy winner. How many kids can say that? Some campers left with the satisfaction of knowing that they got to see Matt Leinart in real life.

However, the lasting memories for us all come from the special moments. Like the moment when Lauren Sebastian and her father both earned Coach and "Campion" of the day. The moment when in the fastest man competition, a camper crosses the finish line first to a passionate Matt Leinart (he tweeted this picture). Those are the memories that stick and, even if just for a day, Leinart did his part to contribute to those moments.

The Share Breakfast campaign doesn't stop in Southern California.

Next Saturday they will be in San Francisco for a camp with Colin Kaepernick and also in Cleveland for a camp with Trent Richardson.