Why Ezekiel Ansah Is the 1 Player the New York Giants Must Grab in the NFL Draft

Benjamin J. BlockCorrespondent IIMarch 20, 2013

Ezekiel Ansah impresses at the NFL Combine.
Ezekiel Ansah impresses at the NFL Combine.Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Who is the one player in this April's NFL draft that the New York Giants have to have? The answer is Ansah.

If you close your eyes real hard, you can hear WFAN's the schmooze, Steve Somers' brain working overtime to come up with endless puns involving BYU's Ezekiel Ansah's name.

Besides the satisfaction that New Yorkers would get from saying Ansah like Boston Red Sox fans got from saying Garciaparra, the 6'5", 271-pound defensive end is the perfect fit for the G-Men's defense.

2011-12 was the year of the "Nascar defense," but 2012-13 looked more like a monster truck rally—big scary objects moving nowhere slowly.

Every member of the Giants organization is on the same page and realizes that they must infuse speed back into the defensive line.

Perry Fewell's 4-3 defense will not be effective without a fast-four upfront—insert Ansah.

The Giants do pick 19 overall‚ which may not be high enough to grab the BYU star, but there are countless needs that the other 18 teams need to focus on outside of defensive end.

The three teams that could potentially swoop in and take Ansah off the board before the G-Men pick are the Detroit Lions at No. 5, the New York Jets at No. 9 and the Dallas Cowboys at No. 18.

The Lions could be a potential suitor for Ansah since DE Cliff Avril tested free agency, and just signed with the Seattle Seahawks.

The Jets need a fast pass rusher yesterday, but they pretty much have a genuine need at every position on the field, so them taking Ansah is a crap-shoot.

Finally, there's the Cowboys. They would love to have their own version of Jason Pierre-Paul on their team, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones can break Giants fans hearts by taking Ansah right before Big Blue picks.

By now, the comparison between JPP and Ansah has been made, but the two players' games are eerily similar.

According to Walterfootball.com's evaluation of Pierre-Paul in 2010, it was said that he was raw/inexperienced, could get stronger and occasionally disappears in games.

Walterfootball.com's evaluation of Ansah says that he too is raw, and needs to improve awareness and instincts.

All the player comparisons to Chandler Jones and JPP—two mid-to-late first round picks who have blossomed in the NFL—just makes it harder for Ansah to fall to the Giants, but it's not impossible.

Some teams will be turned off by that fact that Ansah's a project, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens on Thursday April 25—the night of the first round.