Team Rhodes Scholars Are the Best Team in WWE

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 21, 2013

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With tag team champs Team Hell No on the verge of breaking up, Team Rhodes Scholars stands tall as WWE's best tag team.

Two potential future world champs unite in the name of decency to form WWE's most cohesive and complete duo. Their matches, promos and chemistry serve as testament to their greatness.

As funny as Kane and Daniel Bryan's odd-couple act has been, it was never something that could be sustained. They are too often civil with each other now. This is good for teamwork and bad for entertainment value.

It's the Rhodes Scholars' holier-than-thou attitude and compelling turn as WWE's biggest narcissists that put them above the Prime Time Players, the Usos and Primo and Epico on the WWE tag team totem pole.

Condescension as a gimmick is a long-standing wrestling tradition. In the vein of Rick Rude, Nick Bockwinkel and many others, Rhodes Scholars are fantastic at being irritatingly superior.

Note how they use a bloated vocabulary to get heat from the audience in this appearance on Miz TV. Both Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow have fully embraced their arrogant roles and appear to be having a blast each time they grab a mic.

The Prime Time Players can be mighty fun as well, but Titus O'Neil clearly carries that team in terms of promos and interviews. The Rhodes Scholars have no weak link. Rhodes and Sandow have equally impressive command of the audience.

Their showmanship extends to the ring as well.

Sandow delivers his Cubito Aequet in over-the-top fashion. Rhodes manages to make a showboating moment out of a failed pin attempt.

When given a shot, Team Rhodes Scholars has produced the tag division's best matches. Their tables match against Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara was one of the event's highlights.

Their fluid teamwork is on full display here. Their unique blend of quickness, toughness and pompousness makes for entertaining wrestling.

Beyond those factors, Rhodes and Sandow seem to genuinely like each other. They fit together as well as WWE could have hoped.

When the company pairs two guys with similar gimmicks, no one knows how things will turn out. With Team Rhodes Scholars, WWE lucked out. Their chemistry is fantastic. The fun they have emanates from the screen.

WWE was too quick to break them up. Thankfully, the team was reformed. How often each member wrestles solo, though, leads one to believe that the company isn't fully committed to keeping them together.

If tag team wrestling is a priority at all, WWE needs to keep Team Rhodes Scholars together.

There will be plenty of time for Sandow to venture on his own. Rhodes has been with WWE for six years but is still only 27 years old.

Disbanding the Rhodes Scholars is robbing the division of its best team.