Kane's Potential Return to Heel Dominance After WrestleMania 29

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistMarch 21, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Kane and Daniel Bryan are headed on a collision course with Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston on April 7th at WrestleMania 29.  Team Hell No will be putting the WWE Tag Team Championships on the line in this one, but for me the real story here is the potential return of Kane as Hell’s Favorite Demon.

I have to go on the record here with my firm belief that Kane and Daniel Bryan are one of the most entertaining tandems that WWE has ever seen.  The combination of Kane’s power, Bryan’s technical prowess and the hilarity of watching them attempt to get along has made them a very unique must-see tag team.

Every time the duo is on TV, Team Hell No finds itself in one ridiculous argument after another.  Kane and Daniel Bryan scream at each other, demanding to be appreciated and attempting to assert their individual superiority over the other.

It’s been fun, hasn’t it?

I will admit that back when the gimmick first began and we saw the unlikely pair sitting together in anger management classes, I initially thought the whole thing could be a mistake.  Vince McMahon has always been a fan of the comedy acts and WWE is never in short supply of them.  The fact is that a large part of the time they tend to fall flat and before you know it, it’s over.

But it did not take long for myself and perhaps other critics out there to realize that WWE had struck gold with this one.  It has been very smart in capitalizing on the odd chemistry that Kane and Bryan have together and this thing has been a definite success.

And to be honest, I don’t really know if I am ready to see it end.

But I may not have any choice, as now there is a new element involved for Kane, one that centers around CM Punk.

As we all know, Punk interrupted The Undertaker’s tribute to Paul Bearer last week on Monday Night Raw.  He then committed the ultimate sin by stealing the urn that has been synonymous with The Deadman since the very beginning of his WWE career.

Since then, it’s been all downhill.

Punk is now mocking Bearer and juggling the urn, carelessly dropping it as if it means nothing.  The very roots of the Undertaker’s career lay in that urn, a symbol that represents who he is and where he comes from.

But, it also represents Kane.  And that could be a big problem for not only CM Punk, but Daniel Bryan.

Thus far, Kane’s issues with Punk have been just under the surface.  The two men faced off on Raw, in a match that Kane won, but that has evidently not solved the problem.  Kane is still showing signs of frustration and is becoming more and more aggressive in the ring.  He is looking less like a lovable funnyman and more like a rage-filled monster.

The way it’s supposed to be, perhaps?

Therein lies the issue as it pertains to Kane.  He is very good at getting over.  If the storyline calls for him to be heel and terrorize the WWE roster, then he will do just that.  He can completely immerse himself in that character and physically dominate the way no one else can.  He indeed becomes the Big Red Monster.

But if the storyline calls for him to turn face and team with Daniel Bryan, in a gimmick that is meant to be lighthearted and funny?  Well, Kane can do that all day and twice on Sunday.  He is still big and powerful, but he is also the perfect straight man in a comedy routine that rivals anything that WWE has ever done before.

Again, he’s very good.

So anytime a situation comes up that could result in Kane changing his colors again, fans know that he is more than capable of making it work.  Suddenly, we go from an angle that is successful, one that Kane is thriving in, to one that would call for him to completely turn it all upside down.  And he is always up to the challenge.

Is that what could be happening now?

There has been no real sign of any increased friction between Kane and Daniel Bryan thus far, no more than usual, at least.  In fact, they appear to be on the same page, as evidenced by their upcoming match against Ziggler and Langston.

But if anything could happen in terms of change for Kane, then there could be no bigger stage for it than WrestleMania.  And for those fans who want to see him back in the singles division, wreaking havoc on WWE as only he can, then they would likely love to see the end of Team Hell No at Mania.

Of course, this could be nothing more than a bump in the road for Kane, a minor distraction that will pass, and once it does, we’re back to the crazy antics and anger management issues of Team Hell No.

But for me, there’s just something about this situation.  It feels as though change could be in the air for Kane.  

Lovable comedian or menacing monster?  Only time will tell.