Matt Riddle on Dana White: He's a Juice Monkey Who's Uneducated to the Sport

John HeinisSenior Analyst IMarch 21, 2013

Former UFC welterweight Matt Riddle was released from the promotion last month after testing positive for marijuana for the second time in the past eight months. 

Since then, he has had an ongoing dialogue with UFC president Dana White about the way the UFC conducts its business, and "Deep Waters" is not a fan. 

In an interview with, Riddle responded to White's comments from last week that he was cut because he's a "f****** moron."

Even now, I don’t have a dislike for Dana White or the UFC. But really, he’s just a juice monkey who’s bald, who doesn’t know sh** about business. He just yells the F word and expects things to be handed to him ... What should I do? Should I get angry? Find out where Dana’s house is in Vegas? Ask him why the f**k did you fire me? Dana White should be thankful I am on medication!

Riddle was joking about the medication remark, though he does have a medical marijuana license in the state of Nevada. 

The failed drug tests really put a damper on the new Drysdale BJJ student's career, having two recent victories overturned to no-contests.

While Riddle was able to keep his $65,000 "Submission of the Night" bonus for submitting Chris Clements with an arm triangle at UFC 149 in July, he was subsequently fined and suspended 90 days for his first failed drug test. 

The 27-year-old, who is now signed with Legacy Fighting Championships, remains firm on his stance that marijuana is not a performance-enhancing drug.

Furthermore, he believes White should be more concerned about the number of UFC fighters using steroids.

Dana White…it’s sad but he’s uneducated to the sport and the industry. He’s calling me a moron for using my medicine when half his fighters are on steroids. It’s pretty offensive, but at the same time, I am looking at the source, and he can’t help himself.

Riddle has already gone on the record stating he would probably not return to the UFC in the future since he doesn't like the direction the company is moving in, so his beef with White is likely to continue for a while.