WWE WrestleMania 29: Why Vince McMahon Must Accompany Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistMarch 21, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

While the WWE has done a great job building the feud between Triple H and Brock Lesnar ahead of WrestleMania XXIX, it seems like their rivalry still needs something more to appeal to everyone. Since Paul Heyman will obviously be in Lesnar's corner, Triple H should even the odds by having Vince McMahon accompany him.

It's unclear how healthy McMahon is at the moment, but he did "fight" Heyman a couple weeks ago, and actually hit him with his crutches a couple times, so it stands to reason that he could get physical at WrestleMania. Provided Vince can at least mix it up a little bit, his presence would add a lot to the match.

It was announced last week that the Triple H vs. Lesnar match at WrestleMania will be contested under a No Holds Barred stipulation. That means that absolutely anything goes and the match can only end by pinfall or submission. While Heyman isn't a physical threat to Triple H by any means, he is as slimy as they come, and could easily do something to assist Lesnar in the match.

The feud between Triple H and Lesnar has become extremely personal, but it all started when Lesnar returned to prevent McMahon from firing Heyman. Lesnar hit McMahon with an F-5 and, as the storyline goes, sent him to the hospital. Triple H admitted that the fire inside him was reignited when he saw his father-in-law in a hospital bed, so that is the entire basis for the feud.

McMahon obviously has a reason to be involved and I'm sure that most fans would love to see him at ringside. McMahon has always managed to make his involvement at WrestleMania entertaining and meaningful, regardless of whether he was an announcer, a wrestler or an authority figure. He still has a ton to add to the product and he would add a lot of heat to this match.

Since McMahon is Triple H's father-in-law, it would make sense for him to accompany "The Game" in order to lend some support. At the same time, McMahon's issues with Heyman are well-documented. The two of them were rivals during the Monday Night Wars, as Heyman ran ECW, and they also butted heads on many occasions when McMahon hired Heyman as a creative consultant and an on-screen character.

It can actually be argued that a McMahon vs. Heyman feud is more hate-filled and more intriguing than Triple H vs. Lesnar. The match should be fantastic, regardless of whether or not McMahon does make an appearance, but fans would like to see something different. The point has been made that their match at SummerSlam was essentially No Holds Barred as well, so it could play out similarly.

Heyman and Lesnar did add the stipulation that Triple H must retire if he loses the match, so perhaps that is enough to pique the interest of some. With that said, Triple H is only a part-time performer anyways, so a career match may not carry as much weight as it would for someone that wrestles more regularly. Because of that reason, there is definitely a spot for McMahon to get involved and make the situation unique.

While I'm not saying that it's going to happen, maybe McMahon could even screw over Triple H, and adopt his heel persona once again. It's pretty far-fetched since Vince is getting up there is years and is no longer a full-time character on television, but he probably has one more great run left in him. Fans are complaining about the predictability of WrestleMania XXIX, but a McMahon heel turn would be a massive swerve that nobody saw coming.

Even if something like that doesn't make a ton of sense from a storyline perspective, as McMahon has issues with Heyman and Lesnar, there are always ways to get around that. Most fans know that Triple H is taking over a lot of the day-to-day operations, so McMahon can claim that he isn't ready to get pushed out, so he decided to team up with Heyman and Lesnar in order to push Triple H out.

Heyman stated that Triple H must retire if he loses to Lesnar, although he wasn't specific. The obvious conclusion is that he must retire as an active wrestler, but it could possibly be revealed after he loses that he must retire from his administrative role as well. McMahon's heel turn would then be the main storyline after WrestleMania, as CM Punk could take some time off and a large contingent of fans won't be interested in John Cena's WWE Championship run.

Even if the WWE decides to remain conventional and just has McMahon help Triple H during the match, though, it would still be worth it. No matter how old McMahon gets and no matter how far removed from the Attitude Era we are, Vince still has plenty of cachet and drawing power, and the majority of fans want to see him at WrestleMania in some capacity.


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