Breaking Down Best New 5-Star Recruits from 247Sports Rankings

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIMarch 22, 2013

5-star WR Speedy Noil Via 247Sports
5-star WR Speedy Noil Via 247Sports

247Sports has released its latest group of 5-star recruits for the 2014 class, and there are some very intriguing prospects that have made the prestigious list.

To be ranked as a 5-star recruit is a huge honor. To be clear, it doesn't guarantee that these recruits will be superstars at the college level; it is just a starting point. All it means is that these recruits have displayed the intangibles and on-field production that lead scouts and recruiting experts to believe that they possess what it takes to play at a 5-star level.

Their production at the college level will be determined by many factors, but at the very least, we know that they have the potential to be great heading into their freshman season.

Here's the full breakdown of the new 247Sports 5-star recruits for the 2014 class, courtesy of Gerry Hamilton of 247Sports.

Let's break down a few of the more noteworthy recruits that have earned their fifth star:


David Cornwell, 5-Star Pro-Style QB, Norman North High School (Okla.)

David Cornwell has the intangibles to be a star quarterback at the college level, and he certainly deserves a 5-star ranking. He has tremendous size for a quarterback at 6'5'', 230 pounds, and he's ranked as the No. 3 pro-style quarterback in the 2014 class, according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings.

What stands out to me about Cornwell is his vision. His eyes are always downfield while searching for the open man, and he displays good footwork and poise in the pocket. He has an extremely strong arm and can seemingly flick his wrist and hurl the ball downfield. That said, he has a very solid and fluid throwing motion.

Cornwell can throw on the run and be a threat to run because of his size. He also has good accuracy.

Alabama, Auburn, Missouri, Tennessee and Virginia Tech are all listed as "warm interests" on his 247Sports interest list.


Speedy Noil, 5-Star WR, Edna Karr High School (La.)

I've mentioned Speedy Noil on this blog a few times before and he has immense potential, so it's great to see him picking up a fifth star. Noil can certainly be a star at the college level.

He's 5'10'', 176 pounds and runs a 4.45 40-yard dash, according to 247Sports. He's ranked as the No. 12 wideout in the 2014 class (247Sports Composite).

Noil displays a great burst of speed off the line of scrimmage and should be a consistent deep threat. He also has very good footwork, makes sharp cuts and takes good angles on his routes, and has the ability to extend, reach out and high-point the football.  

For now, he seems like an LSU lean, but Alabama, Miami, Notre Dame, Oregon, Texas, Texas A&M and USC are all listed as "warm interests" on his 247Sports interest list as well. LSU is definitely on top of that list, though.


Lamont Gaillard, 5-Star DT, Pine Forest High School (N.C.)

Lamont Gaillard is 6'3'', 310 pounds, and he's ranked as the No. 9 defensive tackle in the 2014 class, according to the 247Sports Composite. 

He obviously has tremendous size, but he couples that size with elite speed and quickness. Gaillard has great explosion off the ball and plays with tremendous leverage. He has a good drive and is constantly running his feet and pushing the line of scrimmage back.

Gaillard can two-gap a blocker, rip off and make the play on the ball-carrier, and he uses his hands well. He also gets good extension because of his leverage. He has the potential to be a superstar.

Alabama, Florida and Georgia are the three schools on his 247Sports interest list.


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