More on the Backstage Heat on Former WWE Diva Maria

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 26, 2013

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Some more news has emerged about earlier claims that former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis' return to the company was recently nixed due to backstage heat with the other women.

PWInsider, via WrestlingInc, noted that the heat on Kanellis apparently stems from critical remarks the star made after leaving the company regarding some ex-Divas:

We've noted before how WWE was in negotiations with former Divas to return at WrestleMania but we likely won't see any returns because the two sides couldn't agree on contracts. It was reported that some Divas in WWE pushed for Maria Kanellis to be taken out of the WrestleMania match plans. Word now is that the former Divas who were in negotiations to return are the ones that pushed for Maria to be taken out of the plans. No word yet on which Diva requested it but apparently they were upset at some comments she made after leaving WWE.

Regarding which former Diva had issues with Kanellis, Barbie "Kelly Kelly" Blank would be the most likely candidate. She and Kanellis had a well-publicized online battle last year stemming from disparaging remarks Kanellis made about the former Diva's champion on Afterbuzz TV's post-Raw after show (via WrestlingInc).

For her part, Kanellis addressed the initial reports of heat with past and present over at her official Twitter account last week, mentioning Blank's name, as well as the Bella twins, specifically: "As for the other rumors: I have respect for all Divas including the Bellas and Barbie now. What's past is past."

It's a real shame backstage issues have seemingly ruled out a full-time Kanellis, who parted ways with WWE in 2010, return to the company. 

Certainly, in her time away from America's No. 1 wrestling promotion she has shown herself to be a talented talker and manager with a real eagerness and enthusiasm to learn about the business. Her work in ROH with real-life boyfriend Mike Bennett, in particular, has been very good. Those two have been a highlight of the struggling promotion, in fact.

Hey, just contrast Kanellis' attitude with all the other models-turned-Divas who leave WWE and never have anything to do with wrestling again. The girl truly loves wrestling.