Cena and Rock Victims of Second to Last Raw Before PPV Plus Cena Turning Heel?

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistMarch 26, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

I thought by the time the final segment of Raw was over with The Rock and John Cena―it would be time for WrestleMania 29.

The second to last Raw before WrestleMania always has potential to be the toughest from a creative stand point. The build up to the pay-per-view is so many weeks and that doesn't aid well to the amount of hours WWE produces programming each week.

WWE knows where they want to be for the go-home episode of Raw. They know what the last thing is they want you to see before WrestleMania. The week before, they have to get through and many segments with top feuds come off flat with no substance.

WWE had nothing new to offer with Rock and Cena over, so they compensated. They added a panel of legends to the ring, got Mick Foley to not wear sweat pants and Rock finally back on live television all in the name to make it feel important.

All that happened for me is at 11:15 I found myself wondering what USA Network thinks (they probably don't care because WWE is the most profitable programming on their channel) and what, if anything was being said in Jerry Lawler's IFB ear piece from Vince McMahon backstage.

Did McMahon like that segment? His two biggest legitimate stars stunk up the joint. Yes, they had some good quotes and sound bytes, but it was all too long. I'm curious how many of the casual fans (because that's who they're booking for) watched the whole segment or got more excited for the match because of that segment.

WWE production will make it look great when they edit in a 2-minute video package and use the best quotes for the match promo that airs the weeks of WrestleMania 29.

Then there is all the talk and tweets coming at me on Cena turning heel. Hundreds of tweets about how it seems that's what they're teasing. One guy asked me if Cena is playing the face or heel during the segment. The answer is Cena is playing Cena.

The set up is for Cena to have the big comeback win. That's it. He isn't going to have a heel turn. At most, he might win by any means necessary but that doesn't mean he is turning heel. It means he is doing what it takes to finally win the BIG ONE as they kept saying.

In fantasy booking, it sounds awesome to have Cena win the title from The Rock by turning heel and dominating WWE for the next year until he faces off with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. That's fantasy booking.

If WWE had a legitimate top star they could rely on, maybe that would become reality. But WWE doesn't have a top star besides Cena that will be on WWE come the month of June.

Who is going to carry the company as the babyface?

Ryback? Forget the big one, he can't even win a pay-per-view match.

Orton? He can't even carry some of his feuds anymore and has a heel turn on the horizon.

Del Rio? Fans still haven't figured out he's a face.

The Miz? He works the second busiest PR schedule to Cena but he's a natural heel as well.

WWE has a great situation with John Cena. He already is their biggest heel and face, depending on your personal taste.

After watching the final segment of Raw, the video package they've been running for the past few weeks telling the story of how Cena's life went into a downward spiral would have been more affective to show at selling the match.

So we're less than two weeks from the big title match. The show at Cena's redemption. Will he finally win the big one or will his life go into another downward spiral? If being one of the top earners in WWE and being linked to a Bella Twin is a downward spiral, where do I sign up?