Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan Is a Future World-Title Feud

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 27, 2013

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Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler will face each other as members of opposing tag teams at WrestleMania 29, giving fans a glimpse of a potential future world title feud.

This tag title match hasn't had much hype. The shadows of The Rock and John Cena or The Undertaker and CM Punk's battles have made this bout one of WrestleMania's lower priorities. The in-ring mastery and showmanship of Ziggler and Bryan may not get much love now, but it will be a go-to option for WWE in the future.

Ziggler and Bryan have had a number of phenomenal matches between each other on Raw and elsewhere.

Each time out, they have showcased their great chemistry and wrestling skill. The champion vs. champion match from Bragging Rights 2010 is the perfect example of what these two men can do together.

This is a clinic in fluidity, speed and chain wrestling. Ziggler amps up the drama when he escapes the LeBell lock. Bryan darts through the air. Both men played a violent harmony together.

With added hype, this is the kind of match that can headline pay-per-views, thrilling fans in the process. It's easy to see why named it the second best match of 2010.

Now that they have additional years of experience, one has to assume that Bryan and Ziggler will only get better.

What about the story though? Can Ziggler and Bryan carry a main event feud with their verbal skills?

To wash away any doubts of them being able to do this flashback to Ziggler's dismantling of AJ Lee in 2012. This performance showed a maturation of his acting ability. He was convincing here, sharp and emotive. In addition, as the host of WWE Download, Ziggler showed off his funny side.

As for Bryan, before his anger management therapy with Dr. Shelby, before his WrestleMania 28 loss, it seemed as if Bryan might be the next Dean Malenko. Maybe he was a great wrestler, but he didn't appear to have any personality. Bryan has since shown he can do goofy or enraged quite well.

Give these men their moment and they will make the most of it.

Pairing Ziggler and Bryan in the future with a world title on the line will produce fantastic entertainment.

When those two are preparing for their championship showdown, WWE can show clips of their Bragging Rights match, their battles on Raw and their upcoming WrestleMania tag match. Ziggler and Bryan will then go on to dazzle fans while attempting to kick each others' teeth down their throats.