Dallas Is a Great Choice as the First Host for the New CFB Playoff Title Game

Michael FelderNational CFB Lead WriterMarch 27, 2013

ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 06:  An American flag covers the field as The Band Perry performs the national anthem before a game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Kansas State Wildcats during the Cotton Bowl at Cowboys Stadium on January 6, 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Brett McMurphy broke the news via twitter and then over at ESPN about the first college football championship game's site.

Dallas, or Arlington to be specific, will likely be the home of the January 2015 game that caps off the inaugural four-team playoff event for college football. Big D, and Jerry Jones, get the game that kicks it all off, and the entire college football world will be better for it.

As a city, Dallas certainly knows how to put on a show. They have hosted the NBA All-Star Weekend, the Super Bowl and are currently getting set for some NCAA tournament action and will have the Final Four in 2014.

Simply put, they do big events in a big way. Everything from the airport, to the abundance of hotels and relative ease of access makes Dallas a home run when it comes to deciding where to host the event.

An added bonus for college football is that it is a town that most certainly loves the sport. Yes, the Cowboys are the main attraction in Big D, but there is a place—a major place—for college football in the heart of that town.

That love for the sport is why the Cowboy Classic has become one of the best early season shows on the collegiate landscape. That love is why the Red River Shootout continues to call the city home. That love is why the Cotton Bowl remains such a big fixture, despite not having true BCS status.

College football is in the heart of that town, hanging out right behind the Cowboys, and that passion for the game is going to help make this inaugural event a major success. That affinity for the game is going to help make it a true success.

While some folks will scream about the game belonging at a stadium with college football history, the fact is that this game is less about history and more about college football's future. No stadium in the country screams the future like Jerry's World.

The old BCS Bowls; the Rose, the Sugar, the Fiesta and the Orange, will likely be in the running in the future. However, when it boiled down to it, this was between Tampa and Dallas, and Cowboys Stadium seems to be the easy choice. The old sites will have their turn, provided they put in a good bid, as will Atlanta and perhaps Detroit, but for now, Dallas is the place where the first game should be.

If you are a college football fan, especially of the Pac-12, Big Ten or Big 12 persuasion, you ought to be doubly thrilled, because this game is not in SEC country. Yes, it could end up as a home game for Texas or Oklahoma, but a home game for the Big 12 is still better than a home date for the SEC; a conference everyone apparently hates.

This game is less tying the present to history, rather it is about making college football history. The first-ever playoff event. The title game set to cap it all off. January 2015 in Cowboys Stadium will be a perfect kickoff to a new era in college football.