Kentucky Sends 115 Hand-Written Letters to 4-Star QB Drew Barker

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMarch 27, 2013

Credit: 247Sports
Credit: 247Sports

Sometimes you really, really want something, and you won't stop until you get it. Take the Kentucky Wildcats, for example. Drew Barker is considered by many to be a top-10 quarterback of the 2014 recruiting class, and the SEC school wants him pretty badly.

How badly, you ask?

Recently, the signal-caller from Hebron, Ky. opened his mailbox, and recruiting letters fell out by the truckload. He told Steve Jones of the Courier Journal that there were a total of 115 letters in all, and every one of them had a different message. It looks like people have a little bit too much time on their hands.

"I opened up the mailbox like I do every day, and they started falling out," said Barker. ... "I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ It was insane what it looked like in my mailbox. It was all crammed in there, and they had a bunch of rubber bands around them. It was pretty awesome, and I was pretty shocked."

It appears everybody from the Kentucky coaching staff was in on this recruiting strategy, as letters were written by offensive coaches as well as guys on the defensive side of the ball. Barker told Jones that, previously to this, the most letters he had received from a school were about 50 from South Carolina, while other colleges have sent nearly 40 at one time.

What's scary is that this is becoming a trend. Tennessee recently sent 102 letters to 2014 recruit Stanton Truitt, while Alabama mailed 105 letters to 2013 recruit Alvin Kamara.

It looks like Kentucky has all of you beat.

Now I know you are wondering, how many of these letters were from head coach Mark Stoops? The new guy in charge had to be the mastermind behind this plan. Well, the good thing for us is that Barker decided to share one of the letters that Stoops wrote, according to the report.

Drew, you possess all the qualities that go into becoming a great player and leader. You have the ability to lead this team and this program to places they have never been before. A team, a company or an organization is only as good as the leadership at the top. You are a natural leader. Stay home and lead this team where you want it to go. Coach Stoops.

With words like that, it appears Barker will be given the keys to this offense the moment he steps on the field. Well, that is if he decides to stay home and become a Kentucky Wildcat. An offense that was ranked 13th in the SEC last season could certainly use some help at the quarterback position.

The truth is that there may not have been a better time to stuff Barker's mailbox with overkill, as he plans to make a decision sometime in April or May. Though he is already interested in schools such as South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisville, Kentucky has surely made its impact felt late in the race. According to the report, Barker plans to attend the Gamecocks' spring game and will be at Kentucky's spring practice on April 8 and 10.

UK is a great school. They are definitely selling me on the hometown-hero thing and representing the state and playing for the state that I live in and was born and raised in. It’s pretty cool. The coaches have a new vibe. They’re very energetic and very determined to turn the program around. I think the new Air Raid (offense) will be pretty fun to watch.

Wherever Barker ends up playing football, you can't say Kentucky didn't try.