South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier Takes Shots at the USC Trojans and ESPN

Barrett Sallee@BarrettSalleeSEC Football Lead WriterMarch 27, 2013

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier is never at a loss for words.

The Head Ball Coach took jabs at Tennessee when he was the head coach of Florida, saying that you "can't spell 'citrus' without 'UT'," and has directed his barbs recently at the Georgia Bulldogs and their affinity for early-season suspensions over the last few years.

The USC Trojans and ESPN were in Spurrier's cross hairs after Wednesday's pro timing day in Columbia, and the result was solid gold.

Apparently upset that ESPN chose to televise the pro day at USC instead of his, Spurrier went "full-Spurrier," according to Josh Kendall of The State.

Steve Spurrier: “I noticed both USCs had their pro timing day today. One of them finished No. 7 in the country, the other was not in the Top 25, yet ESPN decided to go out to the one in California which did not finish in the Top 25 and televise their day live.

It’s interesting that (ESPN) doesn’t come around here on signing day, they don’t come around here on pro timing day, and yet they want us to play all these Thursday night games. Maybe we need to consider playing on that new network, FoxSports 1."


Solid. Gold.

South Carolina isn't as high-profile of a program as USC. Nobody's arguing that. But Spurrier has a point. As far as recent successes go, back-to-back 11-win seasons at South Carolina certainly trump anything that Lane Kiffin has been able to do over the last two seasons.

South Carolina isn't as high profile as USC due to lack of exposure, exposure that it has earned.

Seeing running back Marcus Lattimore wow scouts at the Gamecock pro day five short months after a gruesome knee injury would have been intriguing television. Seeing if wide receiver Ace Sanders can build some pre-draft momentum for himself on his home turf would have been exciting.

Skill players sell during pro days. With Lattimore, Sanders and several others taking part, South Carolina was certainly a draw.

Do the Gamecocks have Matt Barkley working out in front of scouts? No. But Spurrier certainly has a point in regard to recent overall success.

I do wonder though how ESPN will take Spurrier's shot and semi-threat to play on Fox Sports 1. SEC commissioner Mike Slive has been working on re-negotiating the conference's media rights deal with CBS and ESPN for quite some time, and one of his highest-profile coaches taking shots at the mother ship probably won't go over well.

That's not for us to decide, though.

Spurrier is a throwback. He's a coach who doesn't fall in line with the same coach-speak cliches that dominate press conferences across the country. 

For that, we should thank him...and hope he never changes.