Rob Gronkowski Anchors SporsCenter Live, 'It's on Like Gronky Kong'

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterMarch 28, 2013

Image via ESPN
Image via ESPN

“Well, that’ll do it for us today... I’m Rob Gronkowski?”  

That’s essentially how it went when New England Patriots tight end/bipedal quote machine Rob Gronkowski arrived in Bristol and sat down to read the news on SportsCenter Wednesday.

What followed was a highly unpolished and increasingly awkward news-read-athon involving Gronkowski reading directly off the teleprompter. An amused Chris McKendry sat across from Gronk, enjoying every second as the young football star stumbled through a live introduction.

You could practically see the teleprompter flowing into Gronk’s eyes as he read from it—the letters stumbling through his synapses, dropping into his brain and coming out his mouth as words. 

In short, he was reading so hard. And so slow. And it was amazing.

Gronkowski ended his introduction by cocking a finger at the camera and baiting us with information on “Robert Griffin’s third recovery,” and boom— he had us, hook, line and sinker.

How do you follow that up as a fellow news anchor? You do what McKendry did and tell viewers Gronkowski will be in the studio doing “news” for several more hours.

As one could expect, plenty of weird tongue twisting and reading followed, but the best part of the entire affair was Gronkowski rolling out his “favorite catchphrase.”

“It’s on like Gronk-y Kong,” Gronkowski said, while breaking down highlight footage of himself. “That’s my favorite, I used to play that game growing up.”

The tight end then added to his co-workers his desire for a better shot of his touchdown reception.

“We could’ve made a better highlight for that play,” Gronkowski said, completely oblivious to the fact he was currently cranking out more highlight footage.

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