Tim Tebow: Teams That Should Give Maligned QB A Fresh Start

Tyler PosloskyContributor IIIMarch 28, 2013

Jets quarterback Tim Tebow looks on in the season finale against Buffalo, Dec. 30.
Jets quarterback Tim Tebow looks on in the season finale against Buffalo, Dec. 30.Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Let’s face it. Tim Tebow was gobbled up in New York. The experiment turned disastrous in more ways than one.

The reality for Tebow is simple: He doesn’t belong in New York. And he shouldn’t want to remain with a team and an organization that insists on relying on an incumbent starting quarterback in Mark Sanchez

Tebow needs a fresh start—a new environment where he can prosper instead of falter.

The possibility of Tebow getting traded or released is almost certain. 

That said, a small group of NFL teams are still in need of a starting quarterback for the 2013 season. The list of teams includes Buffalo, Cleveland, Jacksonville and Arizona.

It’s plausible to assume some, or even all of these teams could select a quarterback in April’s draft.

After four seasons, the Bills parted ways with former starter Ryan Fitzpatrick, who eventually signed a two-year contract with the Tennessee Titans. He will serve as backup.

So why not take a gamble on Tebow? What does Buffalo have to lose?

The Browns boast Brandon Weeden as their starter. But Weeden will turn 30 in October of his sophomore season. His rookie year was less than impressive, to say the least. Weeden tossed 14 touchdowns to 17 interceptions.

According to Mary Kay Cabot, of The Plain Dealer, Browns' President Joe Banner insists Weeden will remain as the starter heading into the season.

Jason Campbell will give Weeden a run for his money. But it wouldn’t hurt to add Tebow to the mix. A little healthy competition couldn’t cause that much distress.

Jacksonville is mess, especially at quarterback. Blaine Gabbert was a bust of a draft pick. He’s been very subpar in his first two seasons in the NFL. Gabbert has thrown a combined 21 touchdowns to 17 interceptions. His time appears to be growing thinner by the day. 

The Cardinals juggled between quarterbacks all season in 2012. The combination of Brian Hoyer, Ryan Lindley and John Skelton proved useless. They haven't had a good quarterback since the days of Kurt Warner. Maybe it's time for change. 

There’s a common trend with all four of these organizations: They are in dire need of a quarterback—one who has been in the league. Tebow is just that. Sure, he may not have the experience. He was never given a chance in New York. And yes, Tebow has struggled at times. But every quarterback struggles at one point or another.

It’s time for a team to step up and rescue Tebow and allow him to restart his career.