The Rock: Examining the Positives from His WWE TV Absence

SMGAnalyst IIMarch 29, 2013

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The Rock is criticized a lot for his absence on WWE programming, while showing up to media appearances without the WWE title. The Rock won Favorite Male Buttkicker at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, and although it was expected that he would carry the title with him, his hands were empty until he was given the award.

Instead of being another criticizer of The Rock’s WWE TV absence, let’s focus on the positives.

What good has come out of The Rock being off Raw for several weeks between Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 29?


Focus on Other Storylines

When The Rock is on WWE TV, inevitably the show ends with The Rock and whomever he is feuding with at the time. Leading up to Royal Rumble 2013 and Elimination Chamber 2013, The Rock and CM Punk were involved with the final segment.

However, when The Rock is away filming a movie or not taking the title to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, WWE had to end Raw with a different feud. Sometimes it gave Triple H and Brock Lesnar more focus, and other times it gave The Undertaker and CM Punk more time.

With arguably four main event level matches, The Rock’s absence has actually given the other matches time to build.


Opportunity to Make Other Titles Relevant

The opportunity to make other championships other than WWE title relevant is just that—an opportunity. It is up to WWE to actually make it happen.

I am in no way suggesting that WWE has made midcard titles or even the World Heavyweight title more important than before, but The Rock’s absence has allowed WWE the chance.

Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger could have had been portrayed as the most important World Title match with The Rock off WWE TV. The aforementioned WrestleMania matches may have stopped that from actually happening though.

Plus, despite the WWE champion being off Raw, midcard champions Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett continue to lose. WWE, you had a huge opportunity here.


What more can The Rock and John Cena do?

WWE chose to repeat their main event from last year’s WrestleMania, which comes with some repercussions. Although this time the WWE title is on the line, The Rock and John Cena already built up their feud as much as they could last year. In fact, they spent an entire year building up to their WrestleMania 28 match.

This year, it is about redemption for John Cena, and that is why he is most likely going to win the match. However, all The Rock can say is how Cena didn’t beat him last year, and he will never beat him. There is much less substance to their promos and feud this year.

Now you are asking, how is this a positive?

With The Rock’s absence, there isn’t as much need for him to be on WWE programming. He can come out every few weeks and tell Cena that he won’t win again and then he can go back to the movie set.



The Rock’s schedule has made it difficult to build his match with John Cena at WrestleMania 29, but it’s time to look on the bright side.

WWE had more time to give focus on the other scheduled WrestleMania matches. Although they didn’t take advantage, the lower level championships could have gained prestige and relevancy. Plus, the storyline speaks for itself. John Cena has to win this time because he lost last year. The Rock doesn’t need to be on WWE TV that often to argue with Cena.


What do you think? Are there any ways to look on the bright side of The Rock’s absence from WWE TV? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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