WWE News: Backstage Concerns Arise over Ryback-Mark Henry Match

Gone Baby GoneContributerApril 1, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Well, if you were one of the fans that were hoping for a solid Ryback-Mark Henry match at WrestleMania, you may be disappointed by the following news.

According to PWInsider.com (via WrestlingInc.com):

Internal and fan reports from this weekend's WWE live event matches between WrestleMania 29 competitors Ryback and Mark Henry were not good. There is concern about how the match will come off on pay-per-view next Sunday.

Ultimately, I am not entirely surprised by this, as Henry has been out of action for some time now. Even though he has technically been back for about a month, he doesn't seem like the Henry of old. Yes, he is still an intimidating figure, but he doesn't have the "Hall of Pain" momentum that he did a little over a year ago.

Not many people would have that type of steam after missing that much time. However, I was hopeful that this feud could help bring Henry's menacing force back into light.

With that being said, the report didn't really specify if it was Henry or Ryback's performance that was lacking. The fact is, Ryback has had a history of poor performances at live events, so it very well could have been Ryback who was not up to snuff.

Of course, there is still one other way to look at this.

Simply put, they may just be bad dancing partners.

In fact, there have been many WWE rivalries that looked good on paper, but that made for terrible matches.

Some wrestlers do not pair well with everyone.

It's possible that both men could very well be taking it easy at these live events in order to stay healthy and give fans their best at 'Mania. After all, the WWE's touring schedule can be brutal and is known for causing poorly timed injuries.

In the end, we will have to wait and see what these two titans can do on Sunday.