Big Show States He Is Not Allowed to Chokeslam Members of the Public

Cardiff WandererCorrespondent IIApril 1, 2013

Big Show using the guzzle hold. (Image Obtained From
Big Show using the guzzle hold. (Image Obtained From

WWE Superstar The Big Show went on Sports Junkie 106.7 The Fan in Washington DC (reported by and stated that he was not allowed to chokeslam or even guzzle a member of the public. 

What Big Show actually said was:

"WWE Superstars aren't allowed to grab anyone by the neck, simulate choke holds, or picking up," Big Show said. "I've gotten enough letters from our legal department, I don't pick anybody up anymore or fake chokeslam."

This statement was prompted after one of the shows contributors asked Show to chokeslam him on the show. 

This is a perfectly sensible policy from both the WWE and its performers.

Both parties could be sued if anything went wrong with such a stunt, and increased premiums could lead to superstars being less willing to interact with the public.

That would be bad for the WWE and fans alike.

What should be made clear is that this does not prohibit the chokeslam being used by Big Show, Kane or The Undertaker in the ring. Certain news sources condensed this information into the term “anybody”, which could be misconstrued as meaning the move is banned from the squared circle. 

This could be seen as especially confusing, as some moves where the neck is the target were reported to be banned for Saturday Morning Slam. 

This relatively new show aimed at children does require the producers to be more careful about what moves are used. Despite the clear warnings throughout such shows not to copy what they see, it is inevitable that some children will try to emulate their heroes.

Therefore, choosing to remove the most dangerous moves is sensible.

Big Show is involved in a six-man tag match at WrestleMania against renegade group The Shield. Evidence from previous outings from that group suggests that one member will take a big bump, so it is quite possible that Big Show’s chokeslam will be seen very soon indeed.