B/R Turns Into the WWE Chapter Six: Welcome to ECW

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IApril 20, 2009

For those of you missed the first one, here is the link to it:


(Commentator) Hello and Welcome to ECW ladies and gentlemen, we have an action-packed show for you all tonight, I have been informed that M is out of action this week as a direct result from his last match with Doctor Death.

(Godsmack’s "The Enemy" strikes up)

(Commentator One) I wonder what brings Celeste out here.

(Celeste) Hello everyone, I am here to announce that ECW will be hosting a tag team tournament here tonight as your main event, and have the tag team of AkD & Sulayman from SmackDown here to challenge our tag team of Jabot Singleterry & Clifford Yates.

Good luck, men.

I would also like to remind the referees to be vigilant as the Hardcore Championship is defended 24/7 and can be challenged anywhere.

Tony Arnoldine makes his way to the ring.

Tony: I want a rematch.

Celeste: A rematch?

Tony: I was cheated out of the ECW Championship.

Bryn makes his way to the ring, the ECW Championship belt over his shoulder.

Bryn: I cheated? I don’t think so, I won that match fair and square; that championship is mine (Bryn holds the championship belt above Tony’s head, both men now are nose to nose).

Celeste: That’s enough; I will give you the chance to face Bryn for the ECW championship at Backlash, but first you will need to win a triple threat match against Hector De Jesus and Kevin Williams.

(Bryn smirks at Tony and leaves the ring.)

(Celeste leaves the ring; Godsmack's "The Enemy" fades out)

(Commentator) Did you hear that? We are facing off against SmackDown right here tonight.

(Commentator Two) Not only that, but we get to see a triple threat match. Sounds like it’s going to be another action packed show.

I have here that Rykz Nagla will be making his debut here tonight; he is originally from Leicester, England, and has a good kick on him.

(Commentator One) We also have a superstar from RAW on our brand tonight Ron Johnson.

We will see both of these superstars in action tonight.

(Commentator Two) I have just been informed by Dan Telek that he will be looking for an opportunity to get his hands on Rashard for the Hardcore Championship.

(Commercial break)

(Commentator One) And we're back.

(Announcer) The following match is scheduled for one fall; introducing from Leicester, England, Rykz Nagla...and his opponent from St. Louis, Missouri, Ron Johnson.

(Bell rings)  

Both men start in a grapple hold Ron gets Rykz into a headlock Rykz counters with some elbow blows to Ron’s mid section.

Rykz send Ron flying onto the corner with a perfectly executed Irish whip and runs at him for a full body slam only to run straight into the corner when Ron quickly moves out of the way.

Rykz hits the turn buckle full on. Ron quickly follows this up with a spear, but Rykz moves out of harm's way.

Rykz wastes no time and lifts Ron up to execute a Crucifix Powerbomb Ron lands on the mat neck first. Rykz wastes no time going in for the count.

1...2…3 It’s over

(Bell rings)

(Announcer) Here is your winner, Rykz Nagla

(Commentator One) Did you see that Awesome Crucifix Powerbomb? I have not seen that move done in years?

(Commentator Two) Very impressive; looks like Rykz has certainly made a huge splash in his first match here.

(Commercial break)

(Commentator One) And we're back.

(Camera shows the car park, where Rashad is just pulling in to the parking lot)

(Commentator One) What’s this, why is Rashad here?
He doesn’t have a match tonight.

(Commentator Two) You forget he is the Hardcore champion; he has to be at every show. Remember it’s defended 24/7

(Camera back in the parking lot)

Rashad steps out of the car and as he reaches in to get something, suddenly is attacked by Dan.

(Bell Ring)

A referee is on the scene in seconds, both men are going at it in a barrage of flying fists, Dan rushes at Rashad and slams him back first into a car, the side mirror slams to the ground and breaks.

Rashad recovers and side steps just as Dan rushes at him for a spear, Dan slams into the car, Rashad does not waste anytime as both men continue the fight on the ground.

Dan finds a hubcap lying on the ground and slams it into Rashad's skull with a deafening crack that resounds in the parking lot as Rashad is knocked out cold.

Dan moves in for the pin.

1…2…3…It’s over.

(Bell Ring)

(Announcer) Your winner and new Hardcore Champion, Dan Telek!


(Commentator One) And we're back, well what did you think of that last match? I really feel sorry for Rashad; he never even seen that coming.

(Commentator Two) Well that’s what the 24/7 rule is all about you have to defend that belt 24/7: any place, anywhere, any time, and if you are not ready, well, that’s just too bad.

I just hope that broken mirror does not give Dan seven years of bad luck.

(Camera: Celeste’s office)

Doctor Death: I think you know why I am here Celeste, I want my revenge on M tonight?

Celeste: Well you should have thought about that before you cracked open his skull last week with a chair. He is not here tonight. I gave him the night off.

Doctor Death: Then when; when can I have my revenge?

Celeste: I tell you what, how does next week sound to you? And I think I will make it a submission match, so are you in?

Doctor Death: You got it, you know what, Celeste? I think we understand each other perfectly.

(Commentator One) Now that is one match I am looking forward to next week, I hope M gets some revenge as well.

(Commentator Two) It’s been a long time since we have had a submission match on here, I just hope Doctor Death does not separate M’s head from his shoulders, he is nasty.

(Announcer) The next match is schedule for one fall and is a triple threat match for the ECW Championship contender.

Introducing Tony Arnoldine, Hector De Jesus, and Kevin Williams.

(Bell Ring)

All three men are unloading on each other Tony gets whipped into a corner while Hector and Kevin deliver kicks to his mid section and then to his back the referee breaks it up.

Tony and Kevin are now face to face, Tony slaps Kevin hard across the face the slap sends Kevin off balance.

Hector rushes at Tony but Tony recovers and elevates him up and over the ropes.

Hector lands on his neck after slamming in to the barricade and is knocked out cold.

Kevin sees his opportunity and uses a low baseball slide drop kick Tony is knocked down Kevin quickly moves in for the pin 1…2…Tony kicks out and rolls away.

Both men on their feet now Kevin is trying to gain momentum from the ropes but Tony catches him and delivers a huge side slammer then moves in for the pin.

1…2…3 it’s over.

(Bell Ring)

(Announcer) Here is your winner, Tony Arnoldine!

(Commentator One) Well I guess Tony is going to Backlash to face Bryn for the ECW Championship, I hope Hector will be OK ;that was a nasty landing.

(Commentator Two) Yes it sure was, we will keep you updated on Hector's injury as we get word.


(Commentator One) And we are back.

(Announcer) This next match is a tag team tournament match scheduled for one fall
Introducing the tag team of Jabot Singleterry & Clifford Yates, and the challengers from RAW the tag team of AkD and Sulayman.

AkD and Cliff start the match off with a grapple hold.

AkD then moves in for a waist grab and delivers a set of two suplexes he moves in for a third but Cliff gets out of it and kicks him right in the face.

Cliff gets to his tag team partner and the tag is made, Jabot uses an Irish whip on AkD throwing him into the ropes and following it up with a huge clothesline; he goes in for the pin 1…2…Sulayman breaks it up with a low flying scissor kick.

Jabot rolls away and AkD makes to tag to Sulayman.

Sulayman wastes no time and picks Jabot up for a side slam.
He goes for the pin 1…Shoulder is up

Both men now back to their feet Sulayman focusing on Jabot sizing him up.

Sulayman moves in for the RKO but Jabot pushes him into the ropes then delivers a back stabber and moves in for the pin 1… 2...AkD tries to intervene but is speared by Cliff... 3
It’s over; AkD can’t believe they were defeated Sulayman pushes AkD.

(Bell Rings)

(Announcer) Here are your winners, the tag team of Jabot Singleterry & Clifford Yates.

(Commentator One) Wow what a match did you see Jabot get out of that RKO?

(Commentator Two) I guess both teams are on the road to Backlash that should be one hell of a show.

Well that’s it for tonight don’t forget to join us next week for more action on ECW!


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