WrestleMania 29: Why WWE Should Take Austin's Advice on Rock vs. John Cena Match

Jamie WestAnalyst IIIApril 2, 2013

photo obtained from deviantart.com
photo obtained from deviantart.com

The buildup and the booking of WrestleMania 29 is being criticized by some as lazy and predictable, and considering the three main events, it seems difficult to make an argument to the contrary. 

The three main events (please WWE, nobody is forking over cash for the midcard World Heavyweight Championship feud) all appear to be easily called by anybody who follows the business. 

Ask anybody to put money on WrestleMania, and they'd likely tell you that Triple H, The Undertaker and John Cena are going to walk out of MetLife Stadium victorious come Sunday. This is highlighted by British betting company Betfred's prices for "The Grandest Stage of 'Em All." They are offering John Cena at 1/10, The Undertaker at 1/20 and Triple H at 1/4, showing an unfortunate lack of doubt as to the outcome of any of these bouts. 

Furthermore, the actions of CM Punk on RAW somewhat cemented his impending loss. There is no way they would have Punk disrespect Bearer to the extent he has and not allow "The Deadman" to get his revenge at WrestleMania, ascending to 21-0 in the process. Additionally, Michael Cole's repeated emphasis on Raw of Triple H's career being on the line all but guarantees a victory for "the Game" this Sunday. 

John Cena versus the Rock is equally as predictable, for numerous reasons, but the outcome of the match could well pale in comparison to any swerves the company may decide to pull. WWE could, of course, opt for the safe and once again expected route, having Cena go over the "Brahma Bull" in clean fashion.

Or, WWE could take the advice given by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in an interview with The Sun last month: "With Rock and Cena at WrestleMania this year, they need to shake it up a bit and maybe throw in some twists and turns. There is still a lot of time to do that."

If WWE decides to follow Austin's words and "throw in some twists and turns," all the talk on the morning of April 8 will not be about how predictable WrestleMania was or how lazy, cautious and conservative WWE's booking has become. 

Could WWE pull the ultimate swerve and turn John Cena heel? It is not beyond the realm of possibility.

John Laurinaitis returned to WWE television on Friday's SmackDown and was promptly on the receiving end of the People's Elbow. Although a long shot, Laurinaitis, or another authority figure, could screw The Rock out of the WWE Championship, turning Cena by implication. 

Even without outside interference, Cena could win the championship in a tainted manner, turning him in the process.

With all the predictability and lack of anticipation surrounding the WrestleMania main event, WWE has been given the perfect opportunity to throw a curveball at the WWE Universe. The swerve would not even have to come in the form of a turn, so long as the match and story is different enough from last year to compel and entertain the fans. 

Please Vincent, we beg of you, give us a reason this Sunday not to miss a single minute of your next three-hour Raw broadcast.