WWE to Stream Both Pre-Show and Post-Show for WrestleMania

Cardiff Wanderer@@CardiffWandererCorrespondent IIApril 3, 2013

WWE's advertisement for this forthcoming event (Image Obtained From WWE.com)
WWE's advertisement for this forthcoming event (Image Obtained From WWE.com)

WWE.com has announced that the company will be streaming bonus content before and after WrestleMania. 

Before Sunday’s pay-per-view, there will be a 60-minute interactive pre-show, which will include the Intercontinental championship match between Wade Barrett and The Miz. The WWE’s press release states:

Expanded to 60 minutes of access and action inside MetLife Stadium, the live Pre-Show promises to pack a punch with backstage interviews, footage from around MetLife Stadium, and expert analysis from a unique panel of WWE Superstars and Legends. Plus, the WWE Universe will have the unprecedented opportunity to participate in the Pre-Show with polls and in-show featured tweets and Touts with your comments. Not to mention an Intercontinental Title Match between champion Wade Barrett and The Miz!

WrestleMania will be followed by the WWE’s first ever post-show. WWE.com said this about the post-show:

Immediately after WrestleMania 29, hit WWE’s online channels to experience the fallout from The Show of Shows with exclusive interviews, celebrations and more in a live Post-Show, brought to you from inside MetLife Stadium. Tune in to see your WrestleMania reactions from Twitter and Tout broadcast live.

This is a great move by the WWE, as it really highlights how special WrestleMania is.

The pre-show was expected, as there has been one for every event since last year's WrestleMania. However, expanding it to a full 60 minutes is a clever move and suggests that a normal show would be too short.

This furthers the idea that WrestleMania is bigger than any other event. 

Adding a post-show is an even brighter idea. 

Every major sport has an after-show where experts analyze the best and worst parts of the action. This has the dual role of explaining the finer points to diehard supporters and bringing the people behind the action closer to the fans.

WWE can use the post-show to enlighten its audience and, more importantly, further storylines at the same time. 

Athletes from all sports have a reputation for saying more than they should in the heat of the moment. This is most common straight after the game when their adrenaline is still pumping. 

There could not be a better time for a superstar to let slip vital information about why he or she dislikes another character. 

Such instances have happened before on WWE’s Youtube show Backstage Fallout. Story advancements get slipped into interviews at unexpected moments. However, it has only really happened for minor feuds so far. 

If the post-show proves to be a hit, there will surely be questions about the future of Backstage Fallout.

It is a good thing whenever the WWE adds something to WrestleMania which makes it feel more important. Just creating something new and unseen has this impact.

The pre-show will get lots of viewers, because fans will tune in to see Barrett and Miz. The post-show’s success is far more difficult to predict. Some fans will want to have the action examined, but many will have had enough wrestling after the mammoth four-hour show.

As for where these shows can be found, WWE.com has this covered:

Visit WWE.com, the WWE App, Facebook.com/WWE, YouTube.com/WWE this Sunday at 6 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT and immediately following WrestleMania 29 for an unparalleled interactive experience, all part of the festivities for WWE’s Biggest Spectacle.

If this post-show is a success, there is the potential to run one after every televised program. This could get the fans closer to the athletes they adore. Yet, there is no guarantees about this new project, so only time will tell if this becomes a WWE institution or a one-off failure.