WWE WrestleMania 29: How Diddy's Performance Shortchanges the Wrestlers

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 3, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Sean "Diddy" Combs' performance at WrestleMania 29 will bring buzz and media attention to the event, but it also means WWE must cut down some wrestlers' in-ring time. 

The hip-hop star's song, "Coming Home" has been used as WrestleMania 29's theme song for months now. Fans will get a chance to see that song and others performed live.

Diddy is one of the bigger names WWE has ever signed to perform, but concerts at wrestling events have always been a strange mix. When fans think of WrestleMania's greatest moments, how many of them are musical performances?

Did Kid Rock improve WrestleMania? Do any of WrestleMania X8's lasting memories include Saliva's performance? When people talk about last year's WrestleMania, how often is Flo Rida listed as one of its highlights?

WWE understandably brings in names like Diddy to get more folks talking about the event.

Black Enterprise, for example, likely wouldn't have reported on WrestleMania 29 without Diddy's involvement.  Diddy isn't hosting the event like that outlet reported, just performing. As F4WOnline.com reports, "Combs will be performing a medley of songs."

At WrestleMania 28, Flo Rida's songs lasted about four minutes. Diddy's protégé Machine Gun Kelly's performance was another three minutes. Seven minutes out of a four-hour show is not all that much, but Diddy may end up mirroring Kid Rock's WrestleMania 25 performance. That was a good 10 minutes of music at a wrestling show.

Without Kid Rock, would Rey Mysterio and JBL's match still have been less than 30 seconds? Would there have been enough time to add a match with William Regal, Goldust or Evan Bourne?

As fun as Diddy's time will be, his performance time combined with the time needed for setting up his equipment means a WWE star or two will be asked to cut their match short.

If the Tons of Funk and Funkadactlys vs. Team Rhodes Scholars and Bella Twins match is the one to get trimmed down, there will be few complaints. WWE fans, though, don't want another 18-second World Heavyweight Championship match or for Ryback and Mark Henry to be hurried.

One can't assume that the fans traveling to and ordering WrestleMania 29 are fans of Diddy or hip-hop in general. Tossing him into a world not his own may garner a few new curious fans, but may be seen as a waste of time for the wrestling fans who don't care for him.

Imagine a John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler match being added to a Diddy concert. Sure it may last just 10 minutes or so, but how many of those Diddy fans are going to see the wrestling addition as a bonus and how many will see it as an intrusion?

The Super Bowl features big names from the music world during its halftime shows, but the difference is that it offers the players a break. Concerts at WrestleMania don't come in the middle of long matches, providing wrestlers' rest, they end up being what bumps some guys from the event altogether.

Diddy will likely be one of the better musical performers WrestleMania has ever seen. He will bring his surplus of cool to the show. Even so, having him sing a mini-concert rather than "America the Beautiful" means someone in tights is going to get shortchanged.