Virginia Tech Unveils Camo Helmets for Military Appreciation Game vs. Marshall

Randy ChambersAnalyst IApril 3, 2013

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The Virginia Tech Hokies want to come out in style when the team hosts the Marshall Thundering Herd on September 21. Instead of wearing the traditional Chicago maroon and burnt orange for the game in Lane Stadium, it will be a military appreciation game, and the Hokies will dress for the occasion.

The first thing that has been released to hold you over for the exciting event is the camouflage helmets.

Paul Lukas of uni-watch tweeted a photo of the new lids. also reported that the game has been declared a "White Out" on top of military appreciation day, which should only add to the overall excitement of this meeting.

The Hokies have worn alternate uniforms in the past, and usually the wardrobe changes are presentable. You had these white uniforms that were solid looking and then the uniforms that looked like the players were getting ready for Halloween.

This also isn't the first time the school has decided to lean toward camouflage, as Virginia Tech went with the look last season when deciding to keep things fresh.

We should wait to see what the overall uniform is going to look like before making a final judgment. However, these helmets are a little weird looking. It looks like it was done by somebody who simply uploaded the paint section of their computer and went to town. Also, with fall rolling around, I hope there aren't a bunch of leaves all over the field or these helmets may give the Hokies a competitive advantage.

All joking aside, Virginia Tech can wear anything when it comes to honoring the United States military, and it should be all right with everybody involved. All Hokies fans can hope for is that the pants and jersey do a nice job of complementing the newly designed helmets and the team comes out with another well-fought victory.

Last season, Virginia Tech beat Marshall by a score of 30-10 and controls the series by a record of 4-0.