More Info Emerges on Potential Divas Reality Show

Sharon GlencrossContributor IApril 3, 2013

Could Kaitlyn be a reality TV star? (photo from
Could Kaitlyn be a reality TV star? (photo from

Could one of the shows on WWE's upcoming network focus on the Divas?

The idea of a reality show that would focus on female WWE performers was heavily discussed in late 2011, as WrestlingInc notes. Talk has since quieted, leading many to wonder if the idea had been dropped completely.

However, earlier today, seemingly revived the idea and asked fans to vote on a potential name for the show.

WWE is contemplating a potential Diva’s reality show: It's a new reality series following the life and times of eight WWE Divas that lets viewers into the Divas locker room, behind the scenes on the road, and inside the personal lives of some of the most glitzy, gritty, and glamorous celebrities in all of entertainment. So, WWE Universe, what would you name this show?

The three choices offered to fans are 1) Divalicious 2) Diva Diaries 3) Diva Complex.

Presumably this will be for the upcoming WWE Network, similar to the already filmed Legends House. Of course, it could also end up elsewhere. A reality show focusing on young, attractive women (and their problems) sounds like something the CW Network would be interested in. Or MTV. It may even be something for the company's official YouTube channel (although it seems like a lot of time and expense to go to for a mere YouTube show).

But is a Divas reality show something people would watch? That's a tough one. 

Generally, reality shows do well in ratings, but there are so many on the air these days, it's difficult for any to stand out.

It also remains to be seen whether wrestling fans, who never seem terribly bothered about the women's segments on Raw or SmackDown, would go out of their way to watch a reality show focusing on the Divas. 

On the bright side, reality shows are generally cheap to make, at least compared to scripted programming, and a potential programme with the Divas would give some of the girls on the roster, like Natalya, some much needed exposure.