Disney-Themed Sports Logos Are as Adorable as You Would Imagine

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 3, 2013

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed
Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

Some sports logos are just not adorable enough, which is a problem that has now been solved for a few select teams. 

BuzzFeed's Logan Rhoades solves our predicament for logos that are just not as precious as we had hoped. 

While you can take a gander at all 11 redesigned logos at BuzzFeed, we have some thoughts on the more interesting cartoon creations. 


Detroit Lions

First off, we find it rather courageous they went with Mufasa for the Detroit Lions. 

I would much rather prefer they would have gone with a triumphant Simba for the logo than the patriarch who was thrown off a cliff—a disaster that would cause Simba to go on a long personal journey featuring the song "Hakuna Matata" (a song you now have stuck in your head). 

Now that I think of it, an untimely demise rather suits the franchise, so we move on.


Miami Marlins

Yes! The only thing more perfect than Nemo would have been using the clueless Dory for the mascot.

I will go ahead and embrace this cuddly version of the Marlins logo as the one true logo. It's not like the team is striking fear into the hearts of the opposition anytime soon anyway. 


Anaheim Ducks

Well, we have some controversy with this one. 

I am as big a fan of the no-pants wearing duck as anyone, but remaking this logo is rather redundant. As one commenter at BuzzFeed pointed out, the franchise has already been touched by Disney. 

As we see here in its celebration with legendary coach, Gordon Bombay. 


Pittsburgh Pirates

I just wanted to point out that this one was far too imposing for my taste. Yes, the Pirates are making great strides and even gave a valiant effort last season behind a great year from Andrew McCutchen. 

Still, Smee might work better for their current playoff drought. 

We now leave it in your capable hands to come up with some dazzling creations of your own, or merely sound off on the ones BuzzFeed provided. 

Sports woes getting you down? Just throw a fresh coat of Disney on it. 


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