Marshall Henderson Spends Day in Dunk Tank NOT Filled with Acid

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterApril 4, 2013

Image via @summerwigley
Image via @summerwigley

Ole Miss shooting guard Marshall Henderson spent the afternoon in a dunk tank at a Relay for Life charity event in Oxford, Miss. Wednesday.

Of course, like a man willingly stepping in front of a pitching machine in a batting cage, Henderson announced his plans to man the dunk tank over Twitter. Naturally, the trolls started throwing their hardest.

Yow. Not only did the guy want him to fall into acid, but he was specific. Either way, Henderson went through with it and got dunked on what looked like a chilly day in Mississippi.

Despite the hate, Henderson seems to be trying to turn over a new leaf. Ole Miss’ resident bad boy became a nationally known head case in the 2012-13 season for taunting fans and throwing tantrums, which he managed to do both of in Ole Miss' loss to LaSalle in the NCAA tournament this year.

Prior to hopping in the dunk tank, Henderson released a written apology Wednesday on Ole Miss’ official site. The apology included his wish “to hold [himself] to a higher standard than people in the stands” and that he takes “responsibility for [his] actions this season and apologize[s] to anyone [he] offended.”

The apology does admit that his “edge on the court” is a big part of who Henderson is as a ball player and that he knows he can take things “too far” on the basketball court. 

Henderson does seem genuinely reticent about his outbursts this season, but time will tell on whether or not he’ll follow through on caging the extra rage. Given his remarks after losing in the tournament, we’ll likely have all of next season to see if Henderson will rein it in at Ole Miss.

Not to be pushy, but he could start by changing the (awesome) picture of Auburn fans flicking him off as his Twitter wallpaper.

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