So Far The Top 3 Players In The 2009 Major Legue Baseball Season Are...

Mattso800Contributor IApril 20, 2009

Today there are lot's of great players in baseball but here are the best so far in the 2009 season.


3.)Johan Santana-Santana is 2-1 so far this season. Even though there are some undefeated pitchers out there this one is the best in the sea. Santana's ERA. is 0.46. Watch out batters because this pitching wiz has struck out 27 batters so far. Lastly this pitcher has only given up 11 hits this season.


2.)Miguel Cabrera-Cabrera's average(489.) Is the best in the Bigs. Also He's belted 4 out of the park. Cabrera's also driven in 12 runs this season. Lastly Cabrera's slugging percentage is 489..


1.)Evan Longoria- Evan is off the the best start of all of major league baseball. Evan is batting 391. for the Rays. He has also belted 5 homers and his slugging percentage is 826. so far. He also has driven in 12 runs and score 8 himself.


Those are the best here's some more notables. Carlos Pena and Nick Markakis