WWE Superstar Christian Will Be Returning to Television Shortly

Cardiff WandererCorrespondent IIApril 5, 2013

Christian's last appearance on WWE television (Image Obtained From WWE.com)
Christian's last appearance on WWE television (Image Obtained From WWE.com)

F4WOnline (via WrestlingInc.com) has confirmed that the former World Heavyweight champion Christian should be back on television at any time.

The newsletter actually says “WWE has plans for Christian to return imminently and he will reportedly be a babyface.”

Christian hasn’t been seen active on television since losing to Damien Sandow on Raw last August. 

He required shoulder surgery that took longer to heal than expected. It is therefore understandable why WWE executives have been concerned about bringing Captain Charisma back too early, despite reports that he was medically cleared.

However, Christian has made one appearance since he last competed. He spoke out against Sheamus’s Brogue Kick alongside several heels. Many assumed that Christian was going to turn, but that appears to be unfounded. 

The news that Christian is going to make his return “imminently” suggests that WWE has needed to bring him back to strengthen the roster. This comeback will probably take place over the WrestleMania weekend. 

Adding in the information that he will return as a “babyface” suggests three obvious feuds for him to engage in.

The first is Christian being inserted onto the WrestleMania pre-show to take on United States champion Antonio Cesaro

Christian gave Cesaro his first loss in the WWE, and they had a very close battle on the SmackDown before Christian went absent. 

There has also been a great deal of outrage over both the United States championship and Antonio Cesaro not being on the WrestleMania card. Both the title and the athlete deserve a place, and their absence has been notable.

This would be a great match to start the show, and a Christian win would get the crowd hot early. 

The second plausible option would be for him to challenge a newly-crowned Jack Swagger, if the All-American-American wins the World Heavyweight title on Sunday.

WWE would need to give Swagger some more hype before challenges from the likes of Sheamus or Randy Orton would be considered a close wrestling match. A victory over a former champion like Christian would help to build Swagger’s prestige.

The final option would be for Christian to team up with Chris Jericho once again. 

Their tag team in 2003 was one of the funniest items on WWE television. Their in-ring abilities also gel very nicely. Taking into account the fact that both are advancing in age, the tag team game means that both men will receive less wear-and-tear on their bodies.

However Christian returns, there will be a lot of “Peeps” who will be delighted to see Captain Charisma back on WWE television. He is a consistent performer who can help elevate others as well as be successful himself.

Christian’s return is very welcome indeed.