Ryback Wants to Unseat John Cena as the Top Guy in WWE

Erik BeastonFeatured ColumnistApril 5, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

During an interview with Chad Dukes of 106.7 The Fan in DC, Ryback discussed his desire to be the top star in World Wrestling Entertainment.

When asked about his top goal, he responded:

It’s to take over the No. 1 position from John Cena and take over the company, and I’m not shy about saying it. John, I respect him more than anyone; he’s a very hard-working individual. He’s been on top for eight to 10 years now, and he’s been untouchable. I am the one guy that can touch him, and I believe I can outsell him on merchandise, and I can do things he has not yet done.

Ryback has the look of a superstar from the 1980s, one who would have been a major star for Vince McMahon's promotion. He has the take-no-prisoners attitude of a star from the late 1990s and the high-impact moveset that any performer could be envious of and any fan would pop for.

In late 2012, an injury to John Cena forced Ryback into the main event sooner than was intended. In two pay-per-view main events, one against CM Punk at Hell in a Cell and the other in a Triple Threat match against John Cena and Punk at Survivor Series, the former NXT standout performed admirably.

More importantly, the fans bought into him as a main event star, and it appeared as though he was on the highway to championship glory. With the three main events at WrestleMania having no place for him, however, he was put on the back burner and lost a good amount of steam.

With a match against Mark Henry on the horizon at this Sunday's WrestleMania and the part-time superstars wrapping up their story arcs, for the most part, there will once again be an opportunity for Ryback to rise to the occasion and receive a main event push.

If WWE can recapture some of the momentum he had behind him late last year, there is no reason Ryback cannot be a valuable main event star for the company.

Whether he can unseat John Cena as the top star in the sport, however, is a whole other feat, one he may find harder to accomplish than he thought.