Chelsea Stars Painted Blue in Controversial Kit Advertisement

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistApril 6, 2013

Image via Adidas
Image via Adidas

For Chelsea fans who want to pre-order an Adidas 2013-14 home kit, a leap of faith will be necessary, as the company is advertising the new jersey without actually showing it. 

Instead, Adidas has released a promo with various Chelsea players doused in blue paint. Check it out below:

At this point, it remains pure speculation on my part that Tobias Funke landed himself a gig in advertising and found a positive outlet for his Blue Man Group aspirations with this campaign.

The blue-paint idea is a pretty cool concept, even though it's slightly terrifying. In this picture below, David Luiz, Fernando Torres and Eden Hazard could just as easily be new alien villains in the latest series of Doctor Who.

Then again, the Doctor would probably just note that blue paint is cool.

While its unlikely Adidas would run this ad campaign and then make drastic changes to the uniform, there is a sect of practical fans out there who probably won't fork over $90 without seeing what they've purchased first.

On the other hand, the Adidas campaign is brilliant in that the company is essentially saying, "Hey, if you're a big enough Chelsea fan, the blue will be enough for you. You don't need to actually see the jersey to know you want it. That's how passionate you are."

Thus, Chelsea fans find themselves facing an interesting dilemma. Does my practical side win out, or am I such a nut for the Blues that I'll just fork over the cash, knowing this kit will still be the Chelsea blue I know and love?


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