Top 10 Sports Songs: The Best of the Best

Tom McCartneyCorrespondent IApril 2, 2008

Before reading this article, know that I did not incorporate official College Fight Songs into this article because they would most likely take up most, if not all of the list.

Sports and music go hand in hand when looking back on the history of sports. Whether it's "Centerfield" playing on Opening Day or "Hells Bells" ringing before the Super Bowl, sports and music run parallel.

The following is just a short list of the Top 10 songs about or for teams performed by fans or the team. Here goes:

10.  San Diego Super Chargers – The San Diego Chargers

While it holds no real bearing on the Chargers anymore and isn't really talked about much, this song is a true classic. The 1970’s disco theme shows its flying colors in this Charger fight song. It's a fun song and was too funny to only receive an honorable mention. Charge!

9.  Let's Go, Go-Go White SoxThe Chicago White Sox

Originally written for the 1959 American League Champion "Go-Go Sox," this song re-surfaced during the White Sox’s World Series run in 2005. It's a classy show ballad with a knockout punch for a chorus. The song holds some responsibility for the "Go-Go Sox" of 1959 still being such a memorable team almost 50 years later.

8.  Here we Go, SteelersThe Pittsburgh Steelers

Re-created for the Steelers' 2006 Super Bowl run, this song is the newest on this list. It's extremely catchy and well-written for the 2006 roster. 

The song caught on fast for those waving the Terrible Towel, and can still be recited by many Steeler fans living. It obviously worked, because the Steelers "Got that ring for the thumb" as described in the song. With references to Bill Cowher and The Steel Curtain, this one is a keeper.

7.  Go! You Packers! Go!The Green Bay Packers

Written in 1931, it's the NFL’s first fight song. While it's mostly on this list for historical purposes, you can't deny the success it has brought the Packers. Topped off by an introduction by former Packers great, Bart Starr, this tune is played after every Green Bay extra point.

6.  Fly, Eagles FlyThe Philadelphia Eagles

While it's both annoying and obnoxious to everyone but Eagle fans, you can't deny that it would be fun to sing if you WERE an Eagle fan. 

The song strikes up every time the Eagles score a touchdown and without hesitation, every fan in the stadium starts singing the song.  \Actually, come to think of it, most Eagle fans will sing it without hesitation even when the Eagles DON'T score.

5.  Meet the MetsThe New York Mets

While the Mets like to call it a fight song, this tune is the cheeriest (and catchiest) of any song on this list. Listen to this a few times and you'll be trying to sleep with it ringing through your head. Created in 1962 with the creation of the Mets, the song has been a part of Mets lure ever since.

4.  We Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of MichiganThe Ohio State Buckeyes

Although not the exemplification of class, the Buckeye faithful have created a clever little anthem with the creation of this tune. While it's not the official fight song of "THE" Ohio State University (what a joke), I'm sure Buckeye fans wouldn't mind if that were changed. 

Sorry Michigan fans, at least "Hail to the Victors" is a better fight song than "Across the Field" or "The Buckeye Battle Cry." Still though, you have to admit that this is pretty funny.

3.  Hail to the Redskins –  The Washington Redskins

The song that pioneered fight songs in the NFL. It's arguably the most popular and well-known fight song out there, even if the lyrics are only known by Redskins fans. This song is played every Sunday in Washington and basically started the fight song trend in NFL stadiums.

2.  The Autumn Wind is a RaiderThe Oakland Raiders

Although it's technically a poem, the instrumentals behind this poetry gives it a musical feel. The music behind it is synonymous with the NFL in general. It's associated with NFL films, although stands out for the Raiders due to this 1974 poem. Even if you're not a Raider fan, it's bound to give you chills.

1.  The Super Bowl ShuffleThe Chicago Bears 

Whether it's "Sweetness" Walter Payton or the "Punky QB" Jim McMahon, this song and video to match is a classic.  The song also includes great personas like "Samurai" Mike Singletary and a reference to "Papa Bear Halas."  Performed by the team itself, this video has not even been challenged and is hands down the best song for any sports team.

Honorable Mentions

Skol, Vikings the Minnesota Vikings

Here Come the Yankees, the Yankee Mambo, Section 39 YMCA- The New York Yankees

We're Gonna Win TwinsThe Minnesota Twins

Who Dat?! – The New Orleans Saints

Tessie – The Boston Red Sox

Proud To Be a New York GiantThe New York Giants

J!-E!-T!-S! – The New York Jets

Houston Oilers No. 1, Luv Ya Blue! – The Houston Oilers

Let's Go P! S! U! – The Penn State Nittany Lions 

Hey! You Suck!-  The Maryland Terrapins

I don't have many years under my belt, so I may have left some out. Feel free to add your own favorites below.


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