WWE WrestleMania 29 Results: Mark Henry Defeats Ryback

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistApril 7, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

WrestleMania 29’s third match of the night featured Ryback and Mark Henry. The two tough Superstars went to war, with The World’s Strongest Man coming out on top.

And to answer your question, yes, Ryback got the big man up.

It was a massive battle of two major beasts in an all out assault. Ryback, however, actually spent the majority of the match on his back. Mark Henry proved why he is considered the most brutal, most intimidating heel in the company, as he manhandled Ryback. Mark did not have to change his game at all for the muscle-bound Ryback, as he did whatever he wanted during the first half of this one.

Ryback spent a lot of time selling the mid-section, an area that Mark Henry worked over pretty well, and this ended up meaning everything for the end of the match.

Now comes the good part.

When Mark Henry left his feet, the crowd reaction was huge. Ryback picked him up for Shell Shocked, and to be honest, he did it fairly easily. But just as Ryback was going to turn and do the march, Mark grabbed the top rope, pulling himself down on his opponent. He rolled Ryback over and got the one-two-three.

Your winner, Mark Henry.

I have to say that I personally did not see this coming. I actually envisioned this one ending in a pull-apart, a brawl that just could not be contained. This way, the rivalry continues past WrestleMania and we could look forward to more matches between the two men in the coming weeks.

But we may have actually gotten just that anyway, because as the trainers were looking over Ryback in the ring, Mark Henry decided that he was not done just yet. Mark reentered the ring, cleared out the trainers and was apparently inclined to cause more destruction. But Ryback got his second wind and was back on his feet.

Now comes another good part.

Ryback picked Mark up again, even easier than the first time, and was able to fully execute Shell Shocked. He carried Mark around like he has done with everyone he’s ever beaten—as if he wasn’t there.

Despite what anyone thinks of Ryback, there can absolutely be no doubting his strength now.

As for what happens from this point on, yes, Ryback was defeated. And I actually do not think it will hurt him all that much. He ended up on his feet, in a massive show of power, and it was Mark Henry who was left flat on his back. He may not have gained the win, but he gained some ground.

For me, there is a lot left here. Ryback and Mark Henry are two big monsters, and when two Superstars of this size and intensity mix it up, it’s big business for WWE. The hard-hitting action, the big power moves—all of this is well received by the WWE faithful, who are all about the high-impact matches.

On a side note though, while I do believe that Ryback ended the night in good fashion, I have to say that at some point he has to have a pay-per-view win. WWE is still focusing on him. It still seems committed to his character. The fact that he cannot buy a win on pay-per-view is just unfathomable to me.

So, early prediction time. I believe it will be Ryback versus Mark Henry 2 at WWE Extreme Rules, with Ryback picking up the victory. Just saying.

Ryback and Mark Henry were expected to give us some major slams, some serious power moves and some top-notch intensity. They delivered on all these levels. Now, it’s time to wait and see where they go next and what they do from here.