WWE WrestleMania 29 Matches: Surprising Performances from Epic Night

Dan TalintyreSenior Analyst IIApril 7, 2013

Photo via https://twitter.com/BrianMazique
Photo via https://twitter.com/BrianMazique

Wrestling's biggest night of the year is no doubt still taking place in New Jersey, with WrestleMania 29 providing plenty of highlights and talking points.

From the big-time winners to the moments that we wished would happen but never did, WrestleMania once again delivered as the biggest pay-per-view night in wrestling and one that will no doubt be discussed for many more weeks to come.

Much of the focus will come on the winners and the title-holders following the event. And as good as all our predictions were, we were still surprised at some of what unfolded in New Jersey.

What were the biggest shock performances from WrestleMania 29? 

Read on and find out.


Another Loss for Ryback

After every loss that Ryback suffered on the big stage, it seemed that a win was just around the corner at his next professional wrestling bout or event. Yet the company decided to continue that losing streak here at WrestleMania when he took on Mark Henry and lost—pinned clean by Henry to continue his patchy pay-per-view record in top fights.

Ryback might have got back at Henry after the match—keeping people interested in what Ryback is going to do for another fight perhaps. But with the crowd already seemingly uninterested in this one, another loss for Ryback really was a surprising move given how unlikely it seemed.

An uninteresting fight with an uninteresting result.


Team Hell No Chalks up Another Win

Another mediocre fight came to a close with Team Hell No winning the tag team division again—something we had all realized might happen.

Yet the win was somewhat surprising given the star power that the Team Hell No members possess individually. Kane and Daniel Bryan have the potential to be WWE superstars on their own, and yet their win here all but ensures their continuation as a tag team.

Which isn't necessarily bad, it might just not have been what we were expecting on the night—especially one usually filled with such drama.


Little Change Across the Card

The biggest wrestling night of the year usually brings plenty of drama and talking points. However, one title change (which many had predicted in the first place) doesn't sound like drama in the slightest. It really was surprising to see how little drama took place at WrestleMania.

The Undertaker kept his streak alive, Alberto Del Rio retained his World Heavyweight title, the Shield remained undefeated and Team Hell No won also.

Which, for one of the biggest nights of the year, wasn't exactly what we had in mind—and left many of us wondering why the simple storylines took place.

After all, this is WrestleMania, and not a whole lot happened.


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