Seattle Seahawks Make Smart Move to Steer Clear of Tim Tebow

John RozumCorrespondent IApril 8, 2013

Where will Tim Tebow play in 2013?
Where will Tim Tebow play in 2013?Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow was rumored to be on the Seattle Seahawks' radar, but that is no longer the case.

According to Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times, Tebow was of minute interest to the team:

There's a prominent name not mentioned in that group, one who has been rumored to be a potential target of Seattle: Tim Tebow. He's not expected to be someone the team pursues as it looks to find a backup to starter Russell Wilson.

Tebow remains with the Jets and is set to make more than $2 million. While the Seahawks did look into acquiring him, he's not thought to be a consideration.

Although the Seahawks traded Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders, per Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, Seattle still isn't interested in Tebow's services.

And it's not even because of all the attention Tebow brings wherever he ends up.

Seattle's future under center is obviously set with Russell Wilson, especially because he led the team to the NFC Divisional Round. The Seahawks were also within striking distance of upsetting the Atlanta Falcons, which would have created a third bout against the San Francisco 49ers.

Wilson also provides better mobility than Tebow—he utilizes his passing mechanics much more effectively. The need to scramble occurs sparingly, but Wilson's ability to extend plays out of the pocket and move the chains makes him a dual threat.

Factor in the punishing attack of Marshawn Lynch on the ground, and Seattle presents a defense with a bruiser between the tackles. Everything Tebow offers, the Seahawks have it covered, period.

Seattle also needs a true backup quarterback capable of consistently taking snaps under center. At the very least, the team needs a player who can offer the potential to spin-off of Wilson's proven production when called upon.

Wilson's competency under center, reading well pre-snap and possessing incredible decision-making led to just 10 picks and a 64.1 completion percentage last season.

No team will get that level of reliable efficiency from Tebow, and Seattle has already established itself as a legit Super Bowl contender. Bringing in Tebow would just be redundant and generate unnecessary criticism for not letting him get snaps at quarterback.

As the 2013 offseason progresses, expect Seattle to address its defense, if anything.

The rush defense allowed 4.5 yards per carry in 2012 and managed only 36 sacks. Getting Cliff Avril (via's Albert Breer) helps, but more talent and depth will help control the line of scrimmage even more in the defensively tough NFC West.