WWE WrestleMania XXIX: Have We Seen the Undertaker's Last Match?

Alex MussoFeatured ColumnistApril 8, 2013

Photo Courtesy WWE
Photo Courtesy WWE

Another WrestleMania has come and gone, and once again, people are wondering if we have seen the last of The Undertaker.  It's no secret he's up there in age.  If he wrestles again, he surely won't do so more than a few times, and it would be safe to assume we won't see him in action until WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans, LA.

So, back to the original question: have we seen the last of The Undertaker?  The answer is no.  He looked good last night, and more importantly, looked good enough to wrestle again.

By now, anyone who did not watch WrestleMania XXIX has likely heard that Undertaker defeated CM Punk to extend his record to 21 wins and zero losses.  CM Punk has become the "1" in "21-0."  And, unfortunately, CM Punk may have a serious knee injury that he suffered during the match.  But I digress.  

The WWE Universe now wonders if, or when, we will see The Deadman again.  Well, Undertaker will simply never be a weekly competitor ever again.  If he wrestles more than one match a year, his second appearance would likely be SummerSlam.  But at this stage in his career, that is highly unlikely.  

We should appreciate what Undertaker has done, and will continue to do.  Such as what he did at WrestleMania XXIX with CM Punk. 

Not only did Undertaker win the match, but it is believed by many that the match was easily the best of the night.  Undertaker showed few signs of physical ailments as he went toe to toe with the self-professed "Best in the World," matching Punk move for move, finisher for finisher.

What Undertaker showed last night is that he has at least one more match in him.  For all our sake, hopefully he has several more matches to give.  After all, over that last five WrestleMania's, Undertaker and whomever he has faced happen to have stolen the show.  

This year was no different, and based on his performance against CM Punk,  he'll do so again next year. Speculation has already begun as to who he may be facing in New Orleans.  Brock Lesnar seems to be a prime candidate, as does The Rock.  Some have even suggested a CM Punk vs. Undertaker rematch.  
Whatever happens between now and WrestleMania XXX, it appears very likely that The Undertaker will appear again.

 Physically, Undertaker looked as good as he has in several years.  He did not appear to be significantly hindered by his recent surgeries.  He looked as though he was capable of performing at a high level, and then he delivered a match of the year candidate with CM Punk.

As long as there are no significant health issues with The Undertaker between now and January of 2014, the smart money would be on seeing Undertaker try to make it to "22-0."

Will we see another rematch?  Will Undertaker go to war with Lesnar?  Will Undertaker take on The Great One one last time?  Only time will tell.  One thing is certain.  We have not seen the last of The Undertaker.