Chris Webber Appears at National Championship Game to Support Michigan

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIApril 8, 2013

Screen shot via B/R Twitter account
Screen shot via B/R Twitter account

In what could only be referred to as a stunning turn of events, Michigan Wolverines legend Chris Webber arrived at the Georgia Dome to support his alma mater in its national title tilt against Louisville Monday night.

Webber, an integral member of the famed Fab Five, entered the arena wearing a Michigan beanie. Bleacher Report's Twitter account provided the imagery.

This came after uncertainty as to whether or not Webber would attend to support the school he once called his own.

Webber acknowledged the questions, taking to his own Twitter account to acknowledge his arrival. This led to a positive reception, as Michigan fans welcomed him back with open arms.

C-Webb cited his personal relationship with the Wolverines' current cast of players as his reason for attending the game.

At a time in which so much is wrong with college basketball, it's encouraging to see Webber came through with loyalty to his alma mater.

During a recent interview with ESPN Grantland's Bill Simmons, Jalen Rose made his plea for Webber to join him and fellow members of the Fab Five at the national championship game. Rose also touched upon Webber's reluctance to associate himself with the school.

For those hoping to watch that interview, check it out below: 

It appears as if Rose's prayers have been answered.

During the interview, Rose describes the way that the current Michigan stars looked up to the Fab Five. This has led to what Rose describes as a close bond between the past and present Wolverines.

Webber acknowledged that bond by showing up.

This comes after years of separation between Webber and the university, as Rose describes. From the timeout that didn't exist to his notable absence from ESPN Films' Fab Five documentary, there has been no shortage of drama between C-Webb and Michigan.

Fortunately, Webber displayed the maturity necessary to thrive as a role model for the next generation of basketball stars.

Per a screen shot provided by B/R, the likes of Rose, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson and Juwan Howard are seen cheering in unison early in the first half.

Rose even has his handy Wolverines hat on—literally, a wolverine hat.

The legends returned to cheer on the young guns, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to stop Rick Pitino and a powerful Louisville roster.