WWE Raw Results: Wade Barrett Makes the Miz's IC Title Reign Among Shortest Ever

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 9, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Wade Barrett snatched his Intercontinental Championship back during his rematch on Monday's Raw, putting Miz on a short list of men who held the title for less than 48 hours.

In contrast to Honky Tonk Man's 454-day reign, Miz barely had enough time to put a nameplate on his title belt.

One night after winning the belt from Barrett on WrestleMania 29's pre-show, Miz fell victim to a Bull Hammer elbow and went from champion to non-champion in historic time. Miz managed a good fight, bloodying Barrett's lip in the process, but it wasn't enough.

Three other men have had reigns that evaporated as fast as Miz's: Dean Douglas, Chris Jericho and Edge. WWE.com reveals how stunningly quick Douglas, Jericho and Edge lost their championships.


Dean Douglas

The former ECW World Champ's IC title reign makes Miz's looks Bruno Sammartinoesque.

At In Your House 4 (h/t TheHistoryofWWE.com) in 1995 in Winnipeg, Manitoba WWE president Gorilla Monsoon awarded Douglas the IC title. Former champ Shawn Michaels was earlier forced to forfeit the belt after being attacked in a nightclub. Douglas had little time to celebrate as he was made to defend it against Razor Ramon.

Just 11 minutes later, Ramon pinned Douglas to become IC champ for the fourth time.

Miz can at least find solace in the fact that his reign at least included one sunset and one sunrise whereas Douglas' reign lasted less than an episode of Seinfeld.



Four years after Douglas' blink-of-an-eye reign, Edge's first singles title reign with WWE was extremely short-lived. He held the IC title from July 24, 1999 to July 25, 1999.

The future Hall of Famer won the belt from Jeff Jarrett at a house show in Toronto only to lose it back to him at Fully Loaded 1999. Edge's former mentor, Gangrel, attacked him during the match. That allowed Jarrett to land The Stroke and get the win.

Edge would go on to win the IC title four more times, each reign longer than his first.


Chris Jericho

On the Oct. 27, 2003 episode of Raw (h/t TheHistoryofWWE.com), Chris Jericho put Rob Van Dam in the Walls of Jericho. With help from Eric Bischoff, Rob Van Dam was forced to submit. The win earned Jericho one of his record nine reigns as IC champ. This one ended before Jericho could even head to the hotel.

Steve Austin, the Co-General Manager of Raw, ordered a rematch that same night.

Van Dam and Jericho would go at it again for the title in a steel cage. Van Dam escaped the cage for the win, earning back his title in rapid fashion. Jericho is considered one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions ever, but this reign is not high on his list of greatest hits.

Jericho, along with Edge and Douglas, offer Miz a positive spin to his quick turnaround as IC champ. Edge made to the WWE Hall of Fame and Jericho will undoubtedly follow him.

Their success is proof that having a championship reign that ends quicker than a stomach bug is not a career killer.