Why WWE Has a Golden Opportunity with the Fandango Hype

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistApril 10, 2013


Note: This article contains minor spoilers for SmackDown airing April 12.

On Monday night's Raw, the world witnessed a crowd who seemed more entertained by itself than what was happening in the ring.

This was not a bad thing. The crowd's random chants seemed to add to the show, even if it did get old at times for those watching on TV, but one thing audience members did came out of nowhere and surprised everyone.

The crowd at Raw began to hum-sing the theme song for Fandango in unison—something that could lead to the character become more popular.

Whether this was done out of boredom, love for the character or simply because the song is catchy is not important. What is important is that this could be the best thing that has happened to Fandango next to his WrestleMania win over Chris Jericho.

While crowds in coming weeks are unlikely to mimic the insanity of the Raw crowd, one thing that may continue is the crowd singing Fandango's theme.

It's an easy melody for an entire arena to keep in beat, and it doesn't necessarily mean they are going to like him.

Fandango can remain a heel while getting this kind of response very easily. We saw the same sort of thing with Daniel Bryan when he was a heel.

The crowd would chant "Yes" and "No" at the top of their lungs whether they liked Bryan or not. That kind of crowd interaction is priceless, and WWE may have found their next novelty for the fans to cling to.

There is no denying the physical ability of Fandango. He is talented in the ring and seems to be more comfortable in this character than anyone could have hoped for. The creepy body rubbing and the way he struts around the ring are natural heat magnets, and he does these things with a charisma that will help him stand out from the other heels.

At first, the gimmick seemed destined to fail. WWE kept delaying his debut and eventually it seemed as though he had been dropped. Eventually, the videos came back and then he began to tease a debut.

The constant refusal to wrestle because they could not get his name right helped build him into someone the fans could love to hate, but this thing with his theme song could bring a new angle to the character.

Like many heels before him, Fandango may be able to connect to the crowd on a deeper level without turning into a good guy.

The "You can't wrestle" chants stopped at WrestleMania, and now WWE may have found a new direction for the gimmick.

After Raw, videos surfaced of the fans continuing to sing the song with John Cena, and even starting up again in a local train.

Now it appears that Fandango's theme song is seeing a resurgence in the charts. It is being reported by WrestleZone that the song has broken into the UK Top 40, as well as skyrocketing to No. 33 on the iTunes UK singles chart, according to WrestlingInc.

After the SmackDown taping ended on Tuesday, Cena had the audio guys play Fandango's theme, prompting him to come out and take finishers from Cena and Team Hell No.

Hopefully Fandango is able to leverage this exposure into real appreciation for his in-ring ability, which is actually quite good.

Johnny Curtis has been with WWE for over six years, and in that time he has been getting closer and closer to finally making it in the WWE. Now it looks like he is finally here, and hopefully he can live up to the hype being built by the crowd from Raw.

It appears he has found a niche, and both he and WWE would be smart to ride this wave and see where it takes them.


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