WWE Monday Night Raw: Post-Raw Reaction to Lively New Jersey Crowd

Christopher OlmsteadSenior Analyst IIIApril 9, 2013


The live audience in New Jersey for last night's Raw was unbelievable. This was hands down one of the greatest live crowds in WWE history. 

The action did not stop when the cameras stopped rolling. Below is a video what what transpired after Raw went off the air and John Cena was left in the ring.

The utter surprise in the tone of Cena's voice is fantastic.

"Fandango's theme song?"

John Cena was not the only person that had a take on the events of last night. Some WWE stars took to Twitter to discuss what they witnessed and were a part of.

Just wrassled Randy on RAW. Anyone notice?? #ManiaFallout #NJChantMob

— Sheamus (@WWESheamus) April 9, 2013

I've never seen a crowd like we had last night for @wwe Raw! Incredible, fun crowd! I LOVED it! Thanks to u great guys!

— John Layfield (@JCLayfield) April 9, 2013

#saymyname #singmymusic

— Fandango (@WWEFandango) April 9, 2013

First off, the live reaction from JBL was priceless. I don't think WWE fans have ever witnessed JBL turn that red on camera before.

As awesome as the live crowd was, I do feel a bit for Sheamus and Randy Orton. Orton was visibly annoyed during his match with Sheamus. There was a point in the match where Orton yelled to the audience, "What are you saying?" There were also numerous times during their match that Orton would just pause to stare out into the crowd with a look of disgust on his face. If annoyed, Sheamus did a much better job of hiding it.

Orton's annoyance seemed to hit its peek while he was standing in the ring awaiting the KO punch from Big Show. It was at this time that the crowd was chanting, "Thank you Big Show."

Overall, I felt they were putting on a decent match. Granted, I didn't really see the point in them having the match. The audience clearly had zero interest seeing as how their attention was given to seemingly everything but Sheamus and Orton.

Lastly, I absolutely love Fandango's comment. 

WWE and Fandango should do everything in their power to catch lightning in a bottle here. In the past few weeks, we have witnessed fans saying his name with him. Could you imagine if, on cue, fans began to sing his theme for him.

One of the biggest parts of "getting over" is having a connection with the fans. Tonight in New Jersey, we saw the fans connect with Fandango.

Moving forward I hope that this wasn't a one-time deal. WWE fans tend to be a very fickle group. Last night could have just been a perfect storm. The combination of the location, it being the night after WrestleMania and the crowd containing fans from literally all over the world might have just been the right combination to create what we all saw.

Aside from the fans singing Cena out of the building to the tune of Fandango, the craziness kept going. Various YouTube videos have surfaced of fans continuing the song as they are filing out of the building, some 30 minutes later.

There are also reports that fans put together quite the rendition of the tune in the parking garage, using their car horns. Videos have also began to surface of fans keeping the song alive during the train ride home from Raw.

If I were Fandango right now, I would be on cloud nine.