WWE: Was Brock Lesnar Really Knocked out at WrestleMania?

Christopher OlmsteadSenior Analyst IIIApril 9, 2013


Last night during a historic Raw, Paul Heyman made mention of Brock Lesnar. Heyman talked about how his client was "knocked out cold" during his WrestleMania match with Triple H. He then went on to say how it still took Triple H quite a while to beat Lesnar despite his condition.

So, was their any truth to what Heyman said? Or was he just trying to save face for Lesnar moving forward?

According to a recent article on WrestlingInc.com, it would seem that Heyman was actually speaking the truth. The article goes on to state that;

Brock Lesnar was knocked out cold after a knee from Triple H about five minutes into their WrestleMania 29 match. There is speculation that Lesnar suffered a concussion and kept going.

This is some incredible news.

Generally speaking, most of the WWE universe is aware that Lesnar is a freak of human nature. That being said, to get concussed that early in the match and keep going is quite a feat.

The one thing that has always plagued Lesner in WWE was the question of his dedication. Talent and ability has never been an issue for him. I believe that after this, some of those questions can be put to rest.

Lesnar and Triple H put on quite the show at WrestleMania. Although match of the night honors should go to Undertaker and CM Punk, their match was by far the most physical.

Having watched the start of this match over again a few times, it would appear the injury took place around the 2:40 mark. It's at this point in the match that Triple H delivers a high knee to what Michael Cole describes as the "jaw" of Lesnar.

Although I didn't notice it while watching it live, Lesnar does appear to be a bit out of it. The referee checks on him right away. Triple H then tosses him out of the ring where he appears to take a few moments to compose himself.

Ultimately, this is beneficial to Lesnar moving forward. This injury not only is a testament to his toughness but it also helps his character. Heyman will be able to use this injury to keep his client looking strong as they move into their next feud.

Coincidentally, Lesnar's next feud is rumored to be with The Rock, who is also coming off of injuries and a loss at WrestleMania.