Ryback: Did We Really See a Heel Turn or Just a Feud Started with John Cena?

David LevinSenior Writer IIApril 10, 2013


We finally got to see Ryback turn on John Cena, but did we witness a heel change in Big Hungry or did we just see a man finally get his promised title shot?

If you remember back at TLC last year when Ryback injured then-WWE champion CM Punk, Vince McMahon said Ryback would get the opportunity at the WWE title because he had “earned” it. Since then, the “green” wrestler has been anywhere but in the WWE title scene, as he has been sharing time in the ring with The Shield and Mark Henry. Now, it is evident that Ryback will get that chance to again be the WWE champion.

And all indications are that it will happen.

Did the WWE do the right thing? It appears so since Ryback’s sudden attack on Cena was received by the Izod Center’s crowd with great excitement. That tells me the crowds will love Ryback in the capacity of a heel, but it also destroyed a good feud with Mark Henry unless the WWE sees real value in watching both Henry and Ryback beat the hell out of each other and John Cena at Extreme Rules. That is why I am not sure Ryback turning heel will completely happen.

Much like Big Show joining forces with Randy Orton and Sheamus against The Shield, we are not certain he is a face, or merely someone who has a common issue against the trio of evil.

If the WWE does in fact push the Ryback heel turn, it changes the dynamic of the company in both Raw and SmackDown brands. Will Cena feud with Ryback and or Henry, thus forcing CM Punk to Friday nights to challenge Dolph Ziggler? Do the changes mean Brock Lesnar will find his way toward someone like Sheamus? Does Randy Orton and Big Show try to beat the hell out each other?

And a side question about the World Heavyweight title. Would Daniel Bryan even get a sniff at a possible title opportunity? Seeing him in the ring against Ziggler lately makes me think the two would be a great feud. Also, remember there is the AJ Lee angle that could figure into that one.

We may know more this Friday, or at least on Monday night if there is more fallout from the confrontation between two of the most popular wrestlers in WWE history. If the company cannot seem to decide how it will handle this, then a great angle may be wasted before it gets started.