Chris Jericho Will Always Be Welcome in the WWE

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistApril 10, 2013

photo credit: interbeat,
photo credit: interbeat,

Chris Jericho will always be welcome in the WWE.

It’s a proven fact. It's hard to believe the kid who idolized Shawn Michaels would have this much impact on the WWE today. It should be a dream come true for Jericho, because he has the “IT” factor.

He has the ability to make everything he touches turn to gold.

Case in point: his recent return at the Royal Rumble should have brought up many concerns. Even though he took a break for four months, ring rust can affect anyone. However, Jericho showed no signs of rust. He entered at No. 2 and was the 25th man eliminated. Jericho spent an hour in the rumble match, and he continued to impress from there.

Jericho put on matches of the night on a consistent basis. He followed a CM Punk loss with a victory over Daniel Bryan. Jericho then ensued with two great encounters with Jack Swagger.

He also had great free TV bouts with Dolph Ziggler and Antonio Cesaro.

His one-on-one matches were great, as well as his contribution to other types of matches. Jericho’s elimination chamber performance was nearly superb, despite losing to Orton. The same can be said in his triple threat match against The Miz and Wade Barrett. Even the six-man tag against The Shield was nearly flawless on TV.

It’s not just the matches; it’s the atmosphere. Jericho’s still a fan favorite. Everyone in the WWE Universe respects him, including his peers and the fans.

Jericho still gets the appreciation from the fans. He got a strong ovation at WrestleMania, and in the following Raw, he got an even better ovation after ambushing the rookie. Jericho even got a few “Lionheart” chants from the New Jersey crowd, which harkens back to his ECW days.

There’s one thing that separates him from the rest: his role. Jericho puts over the next generation, similar to what Michaels did at the near end of his career. It’s amazing; he can lose, yet still maintain credibility and admiration among the WWE fans.

He put over Punk at last year’s WrestleMania. This past one, he put over Fandango. Jericho knows he doesn’t need to win. His legacy is set in stone.

Chris Jericho is always welcome in the WWE because he helps the next generation achieve the next level in their careers. Ask Punk, ask The Shield. Ask Fandango. Jericho always has a place in the WWE, and they couldn’t be happier.