Fallon Fox Responds to Matt Mittrione's Transphobic Rant

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIApril 10, 2013


Fallon Fox continues to be a lightning rod of attention in the MMA world. Lightning struck once more when UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione went on a transphobic rant and was subsequently suspended by the UFC.

Through a statement released to MMA Fighting, Fox has responded to Mitrione's comments and surprisingly, she's not engaging in a bitter war of words.

"Matt Mitrione went well beyond disagreeing with the medical experts who say I should  be able to  compete as a woman, and personally attacked me as a fighter,  as a woman, and as a human being."

"His comments do not reflect the  spirit of our sport, where most competitors uphold values like respect  and dignity."

If you need a recap of Mitrione's comments you can find it here.

Mitrione's rant has come under quite a bit of scrutiny the past few days, as it clearly went beyond the point of disagreement on an issue to legitimate hate. The UFC heavyweight was suspended as a result of violating the UFC's code of conduct, and UFC President Dana White isn't happy about it.

"He didn't even need to be doing an interview. The only time these guys need to be doing interviews is leading up to fights. It ended up being a nightmare for  him. What was the point of that interview?" (via Bloody Elbow).

The UFC has yet to disclose just how much punishment Mitrione will receive, but it couldn't have come at a worse time for the former TUF competitor. Mitrione blasted Phil De Fries on the main card of Saturday's UFC on Fuel 9, which was not only an impressive showing, but also Mitrione's first victory since June 2011.