Cal Unveils New Golden Bears Logo

Tyler ConwayFeatured ColumnistApril 10, 2013


The University of California, Berkeley is making major headway as a national power in the college sports landscape, and now the school will have a new Golden Bears logo to mark that commitment to excellence.

California athletic director Sandy Barbour introduced the new logo on Wednesday in a special press conference at the school, per the Pac-12's official website.

There aren't any major changes to the colors—the school's dark blue and California gold are still ever-present—but this new logo marks a stark course shift.

Though the Golden Bears logo was prominent previously, the university's standard uniforms kept the logo to a bare minimum. Instead, the prominence of the stylized "Cal" or "California" was the standard, with the Golden Bears logo rarely showing up.

Now, the bear will be displayed on nearly every major school sports uniform. Here is a look at the Golden Bears' new home football uniform, for example, where the logo is prominently placed on both sleeves:

The football team is also seeing changes to its gold alternate uniform, and the basketball and volleyball uniforms will get a new look as well. The Pac-12's official website has high-resolution pictures of each uniform.

Developed by apparel monolith Nike, Cal has been working behind the scenes on a new logo since last year. Barbour subtly announced on Twitter back in December that the university would be getting new uniforms in 2013, and the anticipation has been palpable at Berkeley ever since. 

The athletics department will be hoping the new uniforms go over well in the mainstream. Cal has fallen behind in recent years among its Pac-12 brethren, and a new logo is seen as a way to inspire a new era of Golden Bears fans.

While this increased emphasis on and changing of the Golden Bears logo is not overly substantial, Barbour and Nike will undoubtedly be waiting on bated breath to see the response of alumni in the coming weeks and days.