Minnesota Twins Welcome NY Mets to Snow-Covered Target Field

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 11, 2013

Photo Courtesy of ProHardballTalk.com
Photo Courtesy of ProHardballTalk.com

Here's to hoping massive amounts of snow and baseball mix very well. 

It's best to look on the bright side of things, especially considering the Star Tribune's report (h/t Big Lead) on the upcoming series between the New York Mets and Minnesota Twins at Target Field this weekend. 

Despite days of wintry weather, including several inches of snow on Thursday, the Minnesota Twins said they are doing all they can to avoid calling off Friday’s game at Target Field and no decision will be made until game day.

Cross your fingers, because if ever there were an opportunity for Josh Willingham to do snow angels in the outfield, this would be it. 

The Mets are only in town once this season, as the two franchises kick off an interleague series, which further complicates things. Any canceled games will be made up at some point this season, but scheduling one that works for both teams may be difficult.

Taking a look at some stunning images, you have to think any hope for a full series is a tad tenuous at the moment.

Here is a tweet from the Twins that shows staff working diligently to get the seats prepared.  

Big Lead spotted this image, which shows a magnificent blanket of powder on Target Field. Good luck finding a ball in all of that. 

Of course, the field will be cleared and the games, at least we hope, will be played. 

It sounds like the Twins are putting forth their best effort to avert this weather disaster. Team spokesman Chris Iles said as much:

As always, we will make every effort to play the game as scheduled and we currently plan to play on Friday night. Since this is the only visit by the Mets this year, it is important that we play the game if at all possible, especially considering that the weekend forecast is also questionable.

So head to the game on Friday, but make sure to wear your best parka. It may be freezing, but that poster schedule giveaway should make everything seem well worth it. 

As the report states, the Twins do have something of an admirable record when it comes to snow cancellations. Since moving to Minnesota in 1961, they have only suffered four cancellations because of snow. 

That's a record established over 20 years until the team moved into the Metrodome in 1981. The franchise then opened the beautiful Target Field in 2010, but have not had any snow-related hiccups. 

For fans watching from home, the hope is any amount of snow, however minuscule, might render the kind of hype that followed Team USA's soccer game in Colorado last month. 

We already know that snow and soccer make for compelling television. Let's just assume the same goes for baseball, as absurd as that sounds. 

Optimism can only help in this situation. 


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