So Long & Thanks for All the Fish (or Bears, Packers, Vikings & Lions)

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistApril 12, 2013

It's not "goodbye" so much as it is "the more things change the more they stay the same."

Today is my last official day as Lead Writer for the NFC North.

Some of you just popped champagne. Some of you are probably shocked and disappointed. Some of you aren't exactly sure who I am.

But all of you who read—even one article—are why today is a bit sad.

First, the details. As I said, I will not be continuing as NFC North Lead Writer. I will, however, be doing wider, NFL-scope work here at Bleacher Report each week starting in May, as well as some video work this fall.

I'll also be continuing to write everywhere else I do currently—Footballguys and primarily. Most of my coverage from Radio City Music Hall will fall on CHTV, including a ton of video from the first day or so as I grab interviews with the first rounders.

Of course, I'll be on Twitter way too much as well and there are some new opportunities elsewhere which I am looking into as well and Twitter is the best way to keep up with that.

While this column is all a bit "look at me," what I really wanted to do (aside from not drop off the planet suddenly with no explanation) is than you guys for making this an awesome experience.

I came into this gig with a very healthy respect for the division. However, while it's one thing to know about a history and the passion of a team's fans, it's another entirely to witness it firsthand.

So I walk away with a greater knowledge, respect and love for these four teams than I began with.

And that is in part due to you readers.

It will be impossible to stop following these four teams now. I'm tied into them, invested in them and while I will always be a neutral journalist because that's what the job requires, I'll probably spend a few more minutes each Sunday watching them.

Besides, my Jets are likely to be awful so I have to watch something.

Again though, this is not the end. The future is going to bring some great new opportunities and I'll be writing in a bunch of different places, including here at B/R.

I encourage you to continue to follow the great team bloggers here at B/R, and to check out the other divisions as well.

I want to again thank you all for a great experience, and that includes my fellow lead writers, the video guys and gals and the editorial staff.

So with apologies to Douglas Adams—so long, and thanks for all the awesome.